Mediasite has two components: the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, and the Mediasite Portal.

  1. The Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR) is a tool used to make recordings. You must have this downloaded in order to record videos. It is recommended that you begin this step early, in the event that you have issues with the download. Once you have this tool downloaded, you will not have to do this step again, and uploading and creating media will be simple.
  2. The Mediasite Portal is where your media will be stored. It is linked to your BroncoNet ID - so it is important to make sure you complete the registration at the end of the MDR download. This will link the account and your media and allow you to access all of your created and uploaded media in any course.

You can use Mediasite for:

  • Screen Casting: It records what is on your screen. Options include audio/video of you and what is on your screen.
  • Slide Capture: It records the slides of a presentation in PowerPoint, or Google Slides, etc.
  • Audio Capture: Display one slide and record a podcast or other audio presentation.
  • Audio Recording: It records just the audio.
  • Video Recording: It records just video.
  • Uploading Existing Media: Already have a video file? Upload the mp4 for easy sharing in Elearning.

Quick Steps: 

  1. Access your Mediasite Portal by logging in to Elearning and Accessing your portal through "My Home" or while in a course through the "Resources" tab. (Click on the house icon for "My Home" or click "Resources" tab then click "My Media Site" from within a course)
  2. Download the MDR "My Mediasite Desktop Recorder" -  If you have trouble with the download please contact the Help Desk by following the link below.
  3. "Add Media"

There are additional resources below to give you more direct instructions!

Having Tech. Issues? - Contact the WMU IT Help Desk


On-Demand Training

Want to learn how to upload a video to Brightspace, or how to create a quiz in your Mediasite video? Mediasite offers on-demand training on the tool on MediasiteU. The modules are self-paced and you can select the content you would like to learn about and skip the content you are not interested in. If you are unsure of what features are available at WMU or have further questions, contact the WMU HelpDesk and they will point you in the right direction.

MediasiteU: Using Media with Brightspace

Check out Using Mediasite with Brightspace on MediasiteU by clicking on the link or the button above.