Pandemic Flu Implementation Matrix

Alert levels for Western Michigan University

Level 1—publicize and educate

  1. Distribute/publicize information on preventing the spread of disease.
  2. Publicize and recommend voluntary isolation for the ill and consider voluntary quarantine for persons exposed to individuals with influenza.
  3. Add information to WMU home page linking to the WMU pandemic flu website.
  4. Evaluate need to evacuate students and staff abroad.
  5. Initiate dissemination of information to faculty, staff and students abroad on protocol for returning home.
  6. Encourage departments to review their Business Continuity and Pandemic Plans.

Level 2—gather information (in addition to level 1)

  1. Obtain absenteeism and illness rates for employees and students.
  2. Monitor recommendations for social distancing from state of Michigan and Kalamazoo County.
  3. Monitor reports of K-12 schools and sister institutions closing.
  4. Evaluate participation of students and employees in public gatherings.
  5. Monitor number of students vacating residence halls or WMU apartments.
  6. Send out letters to parents and students to review their plan for returning home should the University close.
  7. Prepare to implement plans and programs listed under alert level 3 and 4.

Level 3 (in addition to level 2)

  1. Consider canceling classes and closing residence halls for up to four weeks.
  2. Modify, postpone or cancel public gatherings.
  3. Consider closing the University for all but critical services.
  4. Review plan for vacating residence halls and plans for implementing critical functions and services.
  5. Further publicize to all constituents that the WMU home page will be  the source for current information on closure status as well as accurate updated information related to academic and operational issues.

Level 4 (in addition to level 3)

  1. Cancel classes and close residence halls for possibly up to 12 weeks.
  2. Postpone or cancel public gatherings for possibly up to 12 weeks.
  3. Close for all but critical services.
  4. Implement:
    • Staggered work schedules and telework programs for critical services.
    • Plan for maintaining critical research.
    • Provisions for non-contact distribution of meals to remaining students on campus.
    • Daily/scheduled updates to faculty staff and students.
    • Plan for vacating the residence halls.