Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The Health and Wellness initiative provides support to enhance the health and safety protocols already in place at Maintenance Services.  It is an employee-run program, ensuring every tradesperson's needs are heard and met.  We strive to ensure that safety is an active practice for every employee.  With the diligent help and participation of multiple tradespeople, supervisors, and directors, this program aims to create an easy communication system between the multiple levels of employment. These same employees helped create the following initiative strategies:

  1. Eliminate preventable workplace injury and illness.
  2. Improve workplace safety culture and efficiency.
  3. Weekly "Toolbox Talks" for the shops to discuss and review various safety topics.
  4. A fitness program for employees to stretch and exercise at the beginning of their day.
  5. Assigning trade representatives to act as liaisons for any trade-specific issues.
  6. Holding safety committee meetings to communicate current safety needs and brainstorm solutions.

**If there are any questions or concerns about the program please contact Jacob Kennell at

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Toolbox Talks

How to Lead Toolbox Talks