Distinguished Teaching Award

2021 - 22 RECIPIENTS

2021 Distinguished Teacher awardees James Eckert and Brian Gogan photographed. 

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As recipients of the Distinguished Teaching Award, Eckert, associate professor of Marketing, and Gogan, associate professor of English join 33 other faculty members who have been honored since the start of the award program.

2021 Academic Excellence Awards VIDEOS

James Eckert

Brian Gogan


Initiated in 2006, the Distinguished Teaching Award is the highest honor given by the University to recognize faculty members for their work. A similar honors program, the WMU Alumni Association Teaching Excellence program, ran at the University between 1966 and 2001 and honored 131 faculty members during that time.

Each year Western Michigan University recognizes outstanding teaching by awarding one or more Distinguished Teaching Awards. Outstanding teaching is not fixed in form or venue and is not easily assessed. Whether instruction takes place in lecture courses, seminars, or laboratories or whether it is pitched at introductory or advanced levels, exceptional pedagogy is marked by the active, critical role of the instructor and mentor whose demanding presence fosters critical thinking and inspires students to engage the quest for knowledge as a value in itself and as a craft.

Call for 2022-23 nominations deadline is Friday, April 1,2022.

The Distinguished Teaching Award nomination form need to be submitted electronically through webform (below) to faculty-development@wmich.edu

Distinguished teaching award nomination form


  • 2021—James Eckert, Brian Gogan
  • 2020—Due to the conditions imposed by COVID-19 no nominations were accepted.
  • 2019—Matthew Mingus, Leah Omilion-Hodges
  • 2018—Michael Braun, Scott Cowan, Scott Slawinski
  • 2017—Ariel Anderson, Louann Bierlein Palmer, Gwen Tarbox
  • 2016Jennifer Machiorlatti, Lisa Paulius
  • 2015—Allison Downey, Michael Nassaney
  • 2014—Sue Ellen Christian, Autumn Edwards
  • 2013—Holly J. Nibert, Paul R. Solomon, Sarah E. Summy
  • 2012—Jon R. Adams, Richard Malott
  • 2011—Donald F. Cooney, Karen M. Lancendorfer, Maureen Mickus
  • 2010—Grace C. Tiffany, Philip G. Walcott, Stephen W. Wolfinbarger
  • 2009—Chad Edwards, Peter E. Parker
  • 2008—Mary Z. Anderson
  • 2007—Richard Gershon, Trent Kynaston, Jennifer Palthe
  • 2006—Irma M. Lopez, Suhashni "Sushi" Datta-Sandhu

WMU Alumni Association Teaching Excellence recipients

  • 2001—Mary L. Dawson, Carolyn J. Harris
  • 2000—Alyce M. Dickinson, Alexander J. Enyedi
  • 1999—Ronald B. Chase, Frank M. Gambino
  • 1998—E. Thomas Lawson, Greg Roehrick
  • 1997—Jorge M. Febles, Katherine Joslin
  • 1996—Yousef Alavi, Wendy L. Cornish
  • 1995—Elwood Ehrle, Robert Griffin
  • 1994—Joseph Buckley, Bob White
  • 1993—David Karsten, Edward Mayo, Cecil McIntire
  • 1992—Susan Caringella-MacDonald, Richard Cooper, Lyda Stillwell
  • 1991—Constantine Gianakaris, Gerald Hardie, Harold Ray
  • 1990—Arnold Johnston, Richard Keaveny
  • 1989—Alan Brown, Robert Felkel, Leo Stevenson
  • 1988—James Burns, Zahir Quraeshi, Arthur White
  • 1987—Max Benne, Gary Chartrand, Meshulam Groper
  • 1986—John Fisher, Gilbert Hutchings, Roy Olton, Shirley Scott
  • 1985—Betty Deshler, Alonzo Hannaford, Alan Isaak, Larry Oppliger, Ernest Stech
  • 1984—Raymond Alie, Clara Gamble, Jack Michael, Steven Rhodes, David Rozelle
  • 1983—Mary Ann Bush, Elizabeth Giedeman, Gilda Greenberg, A.D. Issa, Uldis Smidchens
  • 1982—Ralph Chandler, M. Joanne Mohr, Richard Pippen, Visho Sharma, Kathleen Sinning
  • 1981—Ronald Kramer, Andrew Powell, George Robeck, Nancy Steinhaus, Roger Wallace
  • 1980—Lowell Crow, Jack Humbert, Louis Junker, Phyllis Rappeport, Archie Watson
  • 1979—Shirley Bach, Thomas Deckard, Linda Delene, Oscar Horst, Robert Neubig
  • 1978—Thomas Carey, Stanley Derby, Dale King, Charles Smith, Michael Swords
  • 1977—Harold Bate, Sherwood Cordier, Harry Hefner
  • 1976—Zane Cannon, Martin Cohen, Cameron Lambe, Fred Orlofsky, Shirley VanHoeven
  • 1975—Wade Adams, Lee Baker, Paul Friday, Gale Newell, David Rozelle
  • 1974—Thomas Gossman, Paul Maier, Lurette McCray, George Stegman, Jess Walker
  • 1973—Lewis Carlson, Raymond Deur, James Daniels, Charles Houston, Mary Lous Stewart
  • 1972—Gene Booker, Edward Heinig, Herb Jones, Alice Lewis, Dorothy McGinnis, Leo VanderBeek
  • 1971—Robert Barstow, Dorothy Bladt, William Buys, James Casey, Jean Malmstrom, Lewis Walker
  • 1970—Donald Bouma, Jean Friedel, Darrell Jones, Richard Pippen, Rudolf Siebert, Dean Tyndall
  • 1969—Clara Chiara, Edwin Grossnickle, Howard Mowen
  • 1968—Willis Dunbar, Ken Macrorie, Herman Rothfuss
  • 1967—David Adams, Charles Brown, Margaret Macmillan
  • 1966—William Morrison


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