B.S. in Healthcare Services and Sciences

Note: In the fall 2019 semester, the Interdisciplinary Health Services bachelor's degree program was renamed Healthcare Services and Sciences. Students admitted to the IHS program prior to fall 2019 should refer to their appropriate Undergraduate Catalog or consult with their academic advisor if they have any questions about this change.

Students must successfully complete the WMU Essential Studies requirements.The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Services and Sciences in the College of Health and Human Services has the following requirements.

HSS Core Major Courses

  • HSV 2250 Lifespan Development - 3 hours
  • HSV 2650 Information Literacy in the Health Sciences - 3 hours
    (or pass the proficiency exam)
  • HSV 3000 Research in Health Services - 3 hours
  • HSV 3700 The Health System and Its Environment - 3 hours
  • HSV 3900 Core Competencies and Contemporary Issues in Healthcare - 3 hours
  • HSV 4100 Legal Issues in Healthcare Services - 3 hours
  • HSV 4400 Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Human Services - 3 hours
  • HSV 4780 U.S. Health Policy - 3 hours
  • HSV 4800 Healthcare Management - 3 hours
  • HSV 4860 Healthcare Management - 3 hours
  • HSV 4880 Psychosocial Aspects of Health and Healthcare - 3 hours

  HSS Core Cognate Courses

  • BIOS 2110 Human Anatomy - 4 hours (required for audiology,occupational therapy and physician assistant concentrations)
    BIOS 1980 Human Form and Functiion - 4 hours
  • HOL 4700 Relationship-Centered Skills - 3 hours
  • MDSC 2010 Medical Terminology - 1 hour
  • PHIL 2010 Contemporary Problems in Ethics - 4 hours
    PHIL 3340 Biomedical Ethics - 4 hours
    NUR 3220 Health Care Ethics - 3 hours

Capstone Experience

You must complete one of the following courses:

  • HSV 4890 Health and Human Services Independent Research - 3 hours
    (restricted to certified or licensed health professionals)
  • HSV 4895 Capstone Project - 3 hours
    (restricted to students working in health care)
  •  HSV 4900 Internship in Healthcare Services - 4 hours
    (appropriate for most students)

 Specialized knowledge (concentration, track or minor)


Students choosing a Healthcare Services and Sciences major will also need to select a concentration, track, or minor. Each concentration will consist of courses, also known as a cognate, that guide the student toward a specific health career. The following concentrations/tracks are offered in the Healthcare Services and Sciences degree:

Academic Minors

Healthcare Services and Sciences faculty suggest the following minors, depending on your career interests.  Please choose carefully based on your plans for the future.