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Western Michigan University's integrative holistic health and wellness program was one of the first programs of its kind in the nation. It has evolved over the years as our understanding of holism has evolved. Through appreciation of the research and on-going experiences of contemplation, the program seeks to stay abreast of the field in offering students the best professional training and personal development available.

The program equips students for career advancement in health and human service fields and provides opportunities for enrichment and personal growth.  It prepares students to assess issues and implement interventions from a perspective that considers all aspects of existence.  It allows students to recognize the value of self-care and the necessity of finding their own meaning for and purpose in relationships, work and life.

The program offers an undergraduate minor to compliment other majors and 5 graduate certificates to enhance work in a variety of careers or to inspire better self-care.

About the labyrinth
The labyrinth here at the College of Health and Human Services was built around 2014 by a Lee Honors College student for his senior thesis. It was approved by the Faculty Senate, Landscape Services, and by the dean of CHHS. Staff from Landscape Services consulted with the student during the site finding and development process.  The labyrinth is open for anyone to use, but it is used most by classes offered by the Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness Program.