Do you need to withdraw from the Lee Honors College? Please read the following information and see instructions for withdrawal below.

If you aren't sure about withdrawing and would like to speak to an advisor about ways to finish your honors courses, honors thesis and other honors requirements, please stop in or call the front desk at (269) 387-3230 to set up an appointment.

Please Note: Withdrawal from the honors college is not an automated process. You will continue to receive emails and see the honors college program fee charged to your account until withdrawals are processed at the end of the business day on the last day to drop/add courses for the fall 2022 semester. You will not be responsible for the fee.

We cannot withdraw students mid-semester. If you request withdrawal after the drop/add period has ended for a particular semester, you will be withdrawn at the completion of that semester. The $100 program fee will NOT be refunded for students who withdraw after the drop/add date for the current semester.

You must be a member of the Lee Honors College to take honors courses. If you plan to withdraw at the end of a semester or are waiting to have your withdrawal processed, please do not sign up for honors courses for future semesters. We will have to drop any honors courses from your schedule when we withdraw you.

Once we process your withdrawal, it takes several days for the change to appear on your billing statement. Don't panic if the program fee doesn't disappear immediately.

If you have read the above information and are ready to request withdrawal, please fill out our online withdrawal form. Requests received in any other format are not valid. You must complete this form in order to be withdrawn from the Lee Honors College.