Benefits Enrollment Information—Staff Compensation System Employees

An overview of Western Michigan University benefit plans and enrollment forms are provided at new employee orientation. All employees eligible for benefits must enroll in benefit plans within their first 31 days of employment.

Benefits and rates summary

The Benefits and Rates Summary is an overview of your insurance benefits, associated rates, and other benefits including retirement plans, sick leave, leaves of absence, and holidays.

If you are unsure of the exempt (salaried) or non-exempt (hourly) status of your position, please refer to your offer letter or contact a member of your Human Resources team.

Health care benefits

WMU offers health care benefits and can include medical, dental, vision and prescription drug coverage.  For more information, visit Health Care Benefits

Retirement and tax-deferred savings plans

For detailed information about WMU's retirement plan, visit Retirement and Tax-Deferred Savings Plans. You may complete your online enrollment in the WMU 403(b) Retirement Plan via TIAA. Follow the steps in this Retirement Plan Guide to set up your account successfully.

Benefit enrollment forms

All enrollment forms are provided at new employee orientation. You may find the following forms by visiting our Forms: Benefit Enrollment and Changes page.

  • PPO Health insurance enrollment and change form
  • HMO Health insurance enrollment and change form
  • Life insurance enrollment form (employee)
  • Life insurance enrollment form (dependent)
  • Long-term disability insurance enrollment form
  • BASIC Flexible Spending Account enrollment guide and form
  • Salary Reduction Agreement form

New employees must also complete, sign and return the following:

  • Employee handbook receipt form: MS Word (complete electronically) or PDF (print to complete).
  • Notice of special enrollment form: MS Word (complete electronically) or PDF (print to complete).

additional resources


If you have questions about your benefits coverage after you attend new employee orientation or if you need assistance completing your benefits enrollment forms, please contact Human Resources.

If you are unable to print enrollment forms, you may pick up a copy of the form(s) in Human Resources.

The information outlined above is subject to legal documents that pertain to each benefit plan and policies, procedures, contracts, or collective bargaining agreements, which are controlling as to the availability and amount of benefits. This website is not a legal document.