Job Promotional Opportunities

Employee Handbook Section 5

Job opportunity program

The job opportunity program is a system for announcing non-instructional job openings to Western Michigan University employees. It is designed to encourage employee promotions and career development. Current job openings are updated daily and posted:

Benefits-eligible employees may apply for posted jobs by completing a job opportunity transfer application, which is part of the online application system at Careers and Job Postings. Please note that new University employees may apply for posted jobs only after they have successfully completed their initial six-month probation period.

Current University employees who are qualified bidders are given first priority for any opening, unless the position is underutilized. In this case, outside applicants in the underutilized category are considered along with the internal bidders. If the job is not filled through this process, the job becomes available for external applicants.

Pre-employment testing

Some positions at the University require a pre-employment test, which may include drug testing. Should employees apply for a transfer to such a position, they will be asked to successfully complete these tests after receiving a conditional job offer and before commencing employment. Human Resources arranges pre-employment exams at the Sindecuse Health Center, at no cost to the applicant. Other job-related skills tests may be used to assess applicants' skills.

Transfer notice

Employees are expected to notify their immediate supervisor in writing at the time they accept another job at the University. The persons in charge of the units involved will decide the actual transfer date.

Employees transferring to a new position must successfully complete a probation period.

Transfer pay adjustments

Please see the administrative guidelines at Staff Compensation System for details or contact Your HR Representative.

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