Employee Handbook Section 8

Safety from on-the-job injury

Work-related employee injuries may mean a financial loss to the employee. Using common sense and observing Western Michigan University safety rules will help you avoid costly injuries. If you have a safety hazard in your work area, advise your supervisor. Your supervisor may, in turn, call Environmental Health and Safety. By being careful in your job, you can help make Western a safe place to work for everyone.

Should an injury occur

If you have a job-related or on-duty accident or injury, you should follow these procedures:

  1. Immediately report the injury or accident to your supervisor. Your supervisor will complete an Accident Injury Report.
  2. You and your supervisor will also prepare a report of claimed occupational injury or illness form (WC-210), which is available at Forms: Accidents and Injuries page. Your supervisor will ask you to review and sign the form.
  3. As instructed by your supervisor, immediately report to the Sindecuse Health Center for evaluation with a copy of the medical treatment for on-the-job injury form (WC-210) and a blank physical capabilities form (WC-504), both of which your supervisor will give you.  
  4. If the injury or accident occurs when the Sindecuse Health Center is closed, you should be treated at the Bronson Hospital or Borgess Medical Center emergency room.
  5. The treating physician will complete the physical capabilities form (WC-504) and the lower portion of the medical treatment for on-the-job injury form (WC-210), which you should return to your supervisor. The forms will let your supervisor know if and when you are able to return to work. The forms will also outline any physical limitations imposed because of the injury.

Work-related diseases should also be reported to your supervisor.

Worker's compensation

The Workers' Disability Compensation Act is a state law providing for medical payments and income when injuries and accidents, including disease, arise out of, and in the course of, employment. An employee who is injured on duty must report it promptly to his/her supervisor, following the procedures above. Any delay in reporting a job-related accident, injury or disease may make it difficult to validate the claim at a later date.

Workers' compensation is administered by Human Resources. The department provides injured employees with resources and assistance, helping them to return to work as soon as possible.

Workplace threats, violence and weapons

The workplace threats, violence and weapons policy and procedures are located at Employee Conduct and Disciplinary Action, Employee Handbook Section 9.

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