Health Care Benefits—WMU Retirees

Your healthcare benefits include medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. 

Health plan contributions

Benefits-at-a-Glance (BAAG) and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), effective January 2019, will be available to view in early 2019 and will replace the 2018 plan documents below. For more information on your 2019 health care benefits, please refer to your open enrollment guide.

BCBSM Community blue PPO 100/0 and 90/10 Coinsurance

The Community Blue preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

BCBSM PPO provider details - Find network providers, access helpful pharmacy information, explore on-campus health care options, and obtain claim forms for submission. 

PPO Benefits-at-a-Glance - A general overview of your medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision plan.

PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage - A summary showing how you and the plan share the cost of covered health care services. 

blue cross blue shield of Michigan (bcbsm) dental ppo and Vision Service Plan (VSP)

removing dependents

You are required to remove dependents from your coverage due to certain qualifying events such as divorce or death of a spouse, child or Designated Eligible Individual.


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