Health Care Benefits—WMU Retirees

Your healthcare benefits include medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage. 

 contributions - Retirees

BCBSM Community blue PPO 100/0 and 90/10 Coinsurance

The Community Blue preferred provider organization (PPO) health plan is administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 

BCBSM PPO provider details - Find network providers, access helpful pharmacy information, explore on-campus health care options, and obtain claim forms for submission. 

PPO Benefits-at-a-Glance - A general overview of your medical, prescription drug, dental, and vision plan.

PPO Summary of Benefits and Coverage - A summary showing how you and the plan share the cost of covered health care services. 

Vision Service Plan (VSP) and the Dental Network of America (DNoa)

  • DNoA - find an in-network provider.
  • VSP - find an in-network provider.


Fill out an enrollment/change form                       submit a claim