Staff Compensation System: Job Evaluation Process

The staff compensation system job evaluation process is used to 1) establish a pay grade for new positions, 2) review the pay grade for existing positions where job content has changed, and 3) review the pay grade assigned during implementation of the new compensation system. In all of these instances, requests to have a position reviewed must be approved by the divisional vice-president and the Office of University Budgets and Financial Planning. The process to be followed by the supervisor or manager of the position to be reviewed is outlined below. 

  1. Contact your HR Representative to discuss plans for re-documenting an existing position or creating a new position. 
  2. Contact the Office of University Budgets and Financial Planning to request a position authorization form. 
  3. Complete the position authorization form, attach a revised job content tool, and route the position authorization form for signatures. For the most recent version of the job content tool, please visit Forms: Staff Compensation System.
  4. Once the position authorization form with all required signatures arrives in Human Resources, you will receive an email request to submit an electronic version of the job content tool, an updated organizational chart for your area and, optionally, a memo outlining any additional information you would like the job evaluation committee to consider. 

  5. Upon receipt of the electronic job content tool and updated organizational chart, Human Resources will assign the position to one of the two job evaluation committees for review. Vacant positons receive scheduling priority. 
  6. Once the job evaluation committee has reviewed the position, your Human Resources representative will contact you with evaluation results and next steps. 

Please contact your HR Representative with questions about the job evaluation process or about the status of an existing evaluation request.