Employment Practices: Selection and Hiring Process

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3

  1. Applications are available for review by Western Michigan University hiring agents as soon as they are submitted by applicants via the online application system. Hiring agents must have an approved user account to sign in to the system and should contact their Human Resources representative for assistance.
  2. When requested, Human Resources will pre-screen applicants to ensure they meet the minimum qualifications for the position. In addition, individual vacancy notices within the online application system may be configured to screen applicants automatically based upon minimum qualifications.
  3. The hiring department reviews the applications and decides which candidates to interview. Human Resources is available to assist the hiring agent with all aspects of the selection process, including any required skills assessment. Please note, all applicants who are afforded an interview must sign a printed copy of their original application at the time of interview.
  4. Once a hiring decision is made, the hiring agent must note the status for each applicant in the online application system and forward the electronic position activity record to the Office of Institutional Equity. All reasons for rejection must be non-discriminatory and explained using the appropriate status and selection reason on the electronic position activity record.
  5. Institutional equity reviews the information for compliance with equal employment opportunity requirements and then sends an email notifying the hiring department of approval to hire.
  6. Prior to making an offer to the selected candidate, the hiring agent should discuss the starting rate of pay with Human Resources and, if necessary, the appropriate vice president.
  7. The selected candidate should be sent a conditional letter of offer (Human Resources will provide the hiring agent with sample language) along with background check documents.
  8. Human Resources completes the staff appointment form in conjunction with the hiring department.
  9. Once the appointment form is completed, the position will be designated as filled in the online application system and non-selected applicants will be notified of their non-selection via a system generated email message.
  10. Copies of printed applications, interview notes and other selection-related documents must be maintained in the hiring department for two years. The online application system will automatically maintain necessary archives of electronic documents.

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