Employment Practices: Application and Search Process

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3

Internal application process

  1. Job opportunities at Western Michigan University are posted on the Human Resources website at Careers and Job Postings and the bulletin board located just outside the Human Resources office, 1300 Seibert Administration Building. Job opportunity transfer applications are available and must be submitted online as part of the online application system at Careers and Job Postings.

    New University employees may apply for promotion or transfer under the job opportunity program only after they have successfully completed their initial six-month probation period.
  2. If an internal applicant is selected for the position, the exact date of transfer should be mutually arranged between the employee's current and future supervisors. Exempt employees are expected to provide four weeks notice, and non-exempt employees are expected to provide two weeks notice, unless an earlier move is agreeable to all concerned.

External search process

  1. All costs for advertising will be charged back to the hiring department.

Internal searches

  1. Occasionally, it is necessary for departments to conduct internal searches.
  2. Hiring departments must request internal searches in writing and obtain approval from both their Human Resource representative and the associate vice president for institutional equity/designee.
  3. Grant-funded positions will be handled as simultaneous internal/external searches. This allows grant administrators to review credentials of both internal and external candidates at the same time.

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