Employment Practices: Introduction

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 3

Awareness of equal employment opportunity policies

All Western Michigan University employees who are directly or indirectly involved in administering employment practices must be familiar with the University's equal employment opportunity policies contained in Equal Employment Opportunity, Polices and Procedures Manual Section 2.

Employment status

Employees of the University are hired for a regular continuing, regular terminal, or temporary appointment, with a full-time or part-time status, and Fair Labor Standards Act status (exempt or non-exempt), all of which are determined by the needs of the position.

  1. Definitions of these employment status terms are located in the Employment, Employee Handbook Section 3.
  2. Employment status is determined prior to employment.
  3. Regular terminal positions have a pay rate commensurate with established pay rates for the position's classification (job title and pay grade). Such positions follow all normal hiring procedures. All positions funded by monies which are not controlled by the University (e.g., grant projects, external foundations, etc.) will be defined as terminal positions. Exceptions must be approved by the appropriate vice president.
  4. All regular (continuing or terminal, full- or part-time) positions must be hired under the provisions of the Employment Practices: Job Opportunity Program, Polices and Procedures Manual Section 3.

Initiating the hiring process—faculty

All faculty hiring is administered by the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Questions regarding faculty hiring should be directed to that office.

Initiating the hiring process—staff

The hiring department must obtain a position authorization form for the position to be filled. This form is obtained from University Budgets and Financial Planning. When all of the authorizing signatures have been obtained a Human Resource representative will contact the hiring agent to discuss the recruitment and selection processes. This form is required for all vacancies including those filled by intradepartmental transfer.

  1. All appointees to full-time executive official or senior administrative officers require WMU Board of Trustees approval. This provision does not apply to part-time, adjunct or visiting appointments, which do not require board approval.

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