Equal Employment Opportunity

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 2

The Office of Institutional Equity administers Western Michigan University's equal employment opportunity policies and practices. Where appropriate, links are provided to applicable information/policies at wmich.edu/equity. Concerns, questions, and complaints regarding equal employment opportunity should be directed to the Office of Institutional Equity.

WMU equal opportunity statement

The WMU equal opportunity statement is located on the Office of Institutional Equity website.

Non-discrimination policy

The non-discrimination policy is located on the Western Michigan University Policies website.

Impact on hiring, promotional, and employee relations activities

Compliance with the University's equal employment opportunity commitment requires that equal employment opportunity policies be considered in all hiring, promotional, and employee relations activities.

  • Promotions. The job opportunity program is designed to offer promotional opportunities to current staff members. Strict adherence to program policy is required in order to protect the equal employment opportunity interests of the University community. There are also established procedures for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring external applicants. These are designed to assure equal employment opportunity.
  • Recruiting. Walk-in recruitment by individual departments or units is prohibited and is contrary to the University's commitment to equal employment opportunity. All employment inquiries are to be immediately referred to Careers and Job Postings, in accordance with established procedures.
  • Interviewing. Employment interviews are to be conducted only with applicants who have been referred by Human Resources. All personnel who are responsible for interviewing are expected to conduct interviews in compliance with equal employment opportunity practices. Human Resources staff are available to discuss appropriate interviewing techniques.
  • Hiring decisions. Decisions to hire must be based upon non-discriminatory criteria. An offer of employment may not be made until approval is obtained from the Office of Institutional Equity.
  • Employee relations. All employee relations activities, such as leave approval, work assignments and schedules, disciplinary action, and any other general office activities, must be administered equitably and in accordance with the University's non-discrimination policy.

Americans with Disabilities Act

For more information see Institutional Equity-Disability and the Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Human Immunodeficiency Virus

See WMU's Human Immunodeficiency Virus policy.

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