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Policies and Procedures Manual Section 1

Employees covered by policies and procedures manual

This Human Resources policies and procedures manual (PPM) is a compilation of current policies and procedures for the administration of all personnel at Western Michigan University, except as noted below:

  1. Bargaining unit employees should refer to their appropriate bargaining unit agreement with the University for items negotiated and included in said agreement. Agreements for negotiated items shall prevail over any such items included in this policies and procedures manual.
  2. Personal contract staff: Certain University employees may be hired under a personal written contract (e.g., athletic coaches). In these cases, the specifics of the personal contract govern the terms and conditions of employment.
  3. Research staff: Certain University employees may be hired as research staff. In these cases, the provisions of the research staff policy as adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1994 shall prevail over any policy or procedure contained herein, where differences occur.
  4. Special appointment executive officials/senior administrative officers: Certain University positions carry special personal appointment status. These personal appointments are made by the Board of Trustees, the president, or vice presidents of the University. Included are the president, all vice presidents, officers of the Board of Trustees, the University general counsel, college deans, and appointments titled as associates or assistants of these positions and some director positions (this list is not necessarily all-inclusive). These are considered to be special appointments, and the appointing authority determines the terms and conditions of the employment relationship. The University Board of Trustees and/or the president establish the governing policies regarding such positions and appointments.
  5. Student employees' policies and procedures are established and administered by Career and Student Employment Services.

Agreements and representations

No supervisor, employment representative, or department head has the authority to enter into any agreements for any specified period of time or under any special terms or conditions which violate or deviate from these policies and procedures, unless such exceptions have the written approval of the Board of Trustees and/or the president of the University.

No one at the University now has or in the past has had the authority to make any binding oral promises, assurances, or representations regarding employment status or security. Any such representation made prior to the effective date of this policy are hereby rescinded and superseded by this policy.

Relation to other policies

This manual is designed as a supplement to the University policies and statements. The contents of this policies and procedures manual may elaborate on (but not supersede) certain University policies and statements related to personnel procedures.

The staff compensation system Employee Handbook provides certain policies and procedures, which may be incorporated into this policies and procedures manual through Web links, and/or expanded upon in this manual.

Certain policies and procedures are governed by state or federal regulations, or by legal contracts with external agents, such as insurance carriers. The terms and conditions of these regulations are not necessarily stated or explained fully in this manual. Therefore, supervisors and employees are encouraged to contact Human Resources directly for more detailed information.

Policies/procedures changes

The University reserves the right to unilaterally make revisions and changes to its Human Resources policies and procedures as circumstances warrant. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep employees informed of such changes.

Purpose of the manual

The purpose of this manual is to assist University administrators in the management of personnel under their supervision.

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