Tuition Discount and Remission

Policies and Procedures Manual Section 16

Basic plan provisions are located in the Tuition Benefits, Employee Handbook Section 15. Additional policy and procedure:

  1. Students in the tuition discount or remission programs must meet all the requirements necessary for any student to be admitted to Western Michigan University and enroll in courses.
  2. Faculty and staff with appointments of less than a full fiscal year or with terminal appointments retain tuition discount/remission benefits during any period in which they are otherwise benefits eligible. This could be the "off" period between semesters/terms or a period beyond the appointment date, as applicable. Such employees must still meet the eligibility requirements of the tuition discount and/or remission programs.
  3. Qualified University retirees are eligible for tuition discount (for the retiree's own course enrollment) and tuition remission (for the course enrollment of a qualified spouse/dependent child/designated eligible individual), under the plan in force at the time of registration.
  4. The spouse, dependent child, or designated eligible individual of an employee who dies or becomes disabled has continued eligibility for tuition remission for four years following the event's occurrence provided the beneficiary had already begun the tuition remission program, under the current terms and conditions of the program. This continuation provision also applies in the event of retiree death.
  5. Employees who believe they are eligible for tuition discount/remission should contact Accounts Receivable for assistance should the discount/remission not be reflected on the student billing.
  6. Employees are responsible for notifying Human Resources of dependent and spouse changes.

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