Recreation/Sport Management Internship Procedures

The following is a step-by-step outline of the procedures for a Recreation/Sport Management Internship (HPHE 4990) offered through the WMU Department of Human Performance and Health Education. 

  1. Download the Internship Check Sheet to track your application.
  2. Print and READ the Internship Requirement Information Form. This is important. It explains the internship and by checking that off, you acknowledge that you have read it.
  3. Complete the application for the internship you have selected. The forms are in PDF. You can write and save them.
  • Make an appointment with Dr. Jim Lewis to review all the procedures, guidelines and your internship. Please come prepared. Bring all documentation. If you fail to bring documentation, your registration and internship will be delayed.
  • The following are the forms required to successfully complete your internship. Please complete these forms and keep them in a file (or electronic file) necessary to compile your final report:
  • Final documentation upon completion of your internship:
  •  If you have an questions, email Dr. Jim Lewis as soon as possible.

    Internship Portfolios
    All reports necessary for the internship portfolios are available electronically both as writable PDF or Microsoft Word at:
    HPHE 4990
    HPHE 7120

    You may choose to compile a report (similar to a paper) and turn your internship report in as a paper, or you might choose one of the following programs. These programs are e-portfolio programs and often provide free space for a student to create a portfolio:

    1. Weebly
    2. Digication
    3. RCampus
    4. Pebblepad
    5. My E-Coach
    6. Folio Spaces
    7. Chalk and Wire
    8. Foliotek

    There are plenty of user friendly e-portfolio sites available (usually free). You can use any of them. Choose one that you like and that is easy for you. As of the beginning of Fall 2017, any submission must be electronic. If you have questions, please contact Dr. James B. Lewis

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    Video of Internship