Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Opportunities within the M.A. Sports Coaching program

Earn course credit for your experience!

The M.A. Sports Coaching program allows students to obtain credit for their prior experiences in the field via Prior Learning Assessments (PLA). Students are able earn can earn up to 15 credits out of 30 program's credits via PLA. Students must be admitted to a program, or have at least applied for such admission.

Two routes to earning PLA credits

Route 1: Work Experience, Professional Development, and Other: For students who believe they have mastered the standards/learning outcomes via work experience, professional development, or other means. Such students must complete a non-credit Portfolio Development Course, submit one or more detailed portfolios within that course, and pay an assessment/course fee. Students can earn up to 15 out of 30 credits via PLA.

Route 2: Courses from Coaching Certificate Programs: The PLA credit can be obtained through certificate programs in the coaching field. The certificate program courses will be evaluated on whether the student learning outcomes match the M.A. Sports Coaching program courses’ student learning outcomes. For each certificate program a standard number of courses will be identified to be applicable towards the PLA, with the cap of 50% of program credit hours being accepted towards PLA.

PLA application and process

  1. Interested individuals must first apply for and/or be enrolled in the M.A. Sports Coaching program.
  2. Contact Dr. Zeljka Vidic to discuss whether you might be eligible for PLA credits and to talk through the process.
  3. If applying via Route 1, you are required to complete a non-credit portfolio development course, and submit your completed portfolio within that course. Please review courses and course’s learning outcomes for which you wish to apply.
  4. If applying via Route 2, prior to beginning the online application, you must prepare and email Dr. Vidic the following:
    1. Word document (to be attached within the online application) that includes a list of courses for which you are seeking PLA credits.
    2. Include the name of the completed program (and completion date), (b) a list of courses for which you are seeking PLA credits, (c) a narrative description of work completed related to each requested course, and (d) and sample work products.
  5. PLA Applications and associated evidence may be submitted at any time during an academic year. Applications will be reviewed by at least two faculty members within a 30 day time period during the academic year and within a 60 day time period during the summer sessions.
  6. Any credits awarded will not be placed on a student’s transcript until admitted to the WMU graduate program. All such credits will be posted on transcript as “credit earned by PLA examination” without letter grade, and will not be counted in the total GPA. Such credits can be used to meet WMU graduation requirements.

For more information, review the Detailed Sports Coaching PLA Policy and Procedures.

Apply for PLA credits for the Sports Coaching program

Courses eligible for PLA credit

View the learning outcomes for eligible M.A. Sports Coaching courses.