professional photo of Brandon Buxton

From a health crisis to a career in healthcare—Brandon Buxton on turning problems into his passion

Brandon Buxton, a senior at WMU and the Department of Business Information Presidential Scholar, had his college career disrupted after suffering from a severe health crisis. After needing to take some time off to recover and spending weeks at a time in the hospital, he realized that he wanted to make a difference in the healthcare industry. After returning to school, he changed his major to health informatics and information management. Buxton discusses how the Haworth College of Business plays a role in his success, what makes his experience unique and his plans for the future. 

Photo of Sagara and Hildenbrand

College expertise helps improve outcomes for transfer students

Barb Sagara, master faculty specialist in business communication, and Paul Hildenbrand, manager of community college recruitment and outreach, were asked to participate in the MiTRANSFER Initiative task force, which seeks to address the roadblocks that Michigan’s transfer students may encounter as they pursue their education.