Mission Statement

The Soga Japan Center at Western Michigan University commits itself to making fundamental advances in the knowledge of Japanese history, culture, business, science and technology. In so doing, it serves as a generative force in international education.


  1. Promote and disseminate faculty and student research on Japan.
  2. Stimulate creative curricular development, as well as extracurricular activities that enrich student and area residents’ understanding of Japan.
  3. Support students pursuing Japanese studies and those interested in studying in Japan. Aid in the recruitment of students from Japan.
  4. Serve as the nexus between WMU and the Japan-related business, arts and civic communities in West Michigan.
  5. Facilitate ties between WMU, the Kalamazoo community, and our partner institutions and alumni groups in Japan.
  6. Collaborate with faculty and University administration to put in place effective and efficient learning experiences, instructional strategies and scholarly inquiries.