Executive Committee

The Midwest Japan Seminar Executive Committee consists of six members, including the chair. Both the chair and new committee members are chosen by the Executive Committee, and the term in office is normally three years.

The duties of the committee include annual review of the bylaws, recommendations for Midwest Japan Seminar meeting sites and presentations, and recruitment of new members. The director of the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies of the University of Illinois serves as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. MJS bylaws.

The date in parentheses following names below indicates the beginning of each member's three-year term.


Elizabeth Dorn Lublin, Chair (January 2016)
Associate Professor of History
Wayne State University

Michael Bathgate (2014)
Professor of Religious Studies
Saint Xavier University

David Obermiller (2015)
Associate Professor of History
Gustavus Adolphus College

Noriko Reider (2015)
Professor of Japanese
Miami University

Ethan Segal (2015)
Associate Professor of History
Michigan State University

Mieko Yamada (2014)
Associate Professor of Sociology
Indiana University, Purdue University–Fort Wayne