Hosting and Presenting

Hosting a seminar

If you are interested in hosting the Midwest Japan Seminar, contact Elizabeth Lublin at

A Japan scholar at the hosting institution acts as the local contact. The host is responsible for making the following arrangements and communicating the details about the meeting room, hotel, dinner, and transportation to the MJS Chair at least eight weeks before the meeting for the announcement:

  1. Schedules a rent-free seminar-type room that will seat 25 to 35 around a table configuration for a Saturday afternoon from 1 to 6 p.m.
  2. Arranges for snacks and drinks for the meeting with funding from the host institution (approx. $100)
  3. Arranges for at least 15 hotel rooms to be reserved and paid for by participants, presenters, members of the Executive Committee, and the Chair at a reasonable rate (ideally $60 to $75; less than $110).
  4. Arranges for an after-seminar dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant (about $20 including tip and tax). Attendees pay for their own dinners and drinks.
  5. Provides transportation information and a web link to a campus map.

Presenting at a seminar

Contact Elizabeth Lublin at as far as possible in advance of the date you wish to present.

As a presenter you will:

  1. Be reimbursed for up to $400 of transportation costs to and from your home and up to $110 for one night in the seminar hotel.
  2. Provide the Midwest Japan Seminar chair a title and abstract for your paper at least eight weeks before the meeting.
  3. Provide the Midwest Japan Seminar chair with a copy of your paper (20 to 30 pages max) in electronic form (PDF file preferred), at least three weeks before the meeting for distribution among attendees.
  4. On the day of the seminar, you will have about 15 minutes to make additional comments—most people will have already read the paper—and then everyone will discuss your paper for 75 minutes or so.