The Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program provides direct support to students who are eligible for the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship and are attending, or planning to attend, Western Michigan University. We do this by offering guidance on navigating the academic and personal challenges of college life, connecting students with campus and community resources and providing knowledge, awareness and skills for students to succeed in college, careers, and the community. We also work to provide additional opportunities to students including studying abroad, attending conferences and other programming designed you enhance your resume. The Our Space student lounge is an area that was designed with Promise students in mind. It is a place to rest, study or socialize between classes.

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Career Fair 2020

Every year, Western Michigan University hosts a series of Career Fairs to help students develop their professional identify, get help on their resumes, and practice interviewing skills, as well as network and make important connections that can help with future internships and jobs. Check out below for information for this year's events!

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Unsure where to begin?

Explore WMU’s Career Development Guide complete with information on:

  • Assessing yourself
  • Career management
  • Developing knowledge, skills, and ability
  • Exploring Careers
  • Job searching
  • Sample resumes

Looking for interview practice?

Big Interview allows students to go through the interview process while building their interviewing skills along the way. Students can learn what to expect and how to nail their interview by completing a training course and mock interviews.

Unsure of what to wear to an interview?

Check out the professional interview attire page on the Career and Student Employment Services webpage. This webpage includes:

  • Gender-neutral recommendations
  • Recommendations for females
  • Recommendations for males
  • Supplementary tips

Need to look at sample resumes and cover letters?

Career and Student Employment Services provides Resume Samples by Major . Each major is listed under the college that it is a part of, such as:

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Aviation
  • Education and Human Development
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences
  • Fines Arts
  • Haworth College of Business
  • Health and Human Services

Once you have built a resume you can have your resume reviewed by scheduling a one hour in-person appointment or a 20-minute drop-in appointment at the Career Zone in 1344 Ellsworth Hall.

Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship Acceptance Form

If you are planning to attend Western Michigan University you must complete the scholarship acceptance and agreement forms with our office in 1320 Adrian Trimpe on WMU's main campus. You can do so by scheduling an appointment with us.

Throughout the year we visit high schools, participate in local events and even host events here on campus. Students can complete their scholarship acceptance forms with us during these events as well.

Locating Our Office

 We are located on the west side of campus near Parking Services and Western View apartments. Find us on Google Maps or you can use our GPS location is 1003 Ring Road S, Kalamazoo, MI 49006.

Arriving by car:

  • If you are headed northbound on Howard, turn right onto Michigan Ave. and enter the roundabout. Take the first exit out of the roundabout onto Ring Road South. The Adrian Trimpe Building is the first building on your left, right off the road (located between lots 100 and 39).
  • If you are headed southbound no Howard, turn left onto Michigan Ave. and enter the roundabout. Take the first exit out of the roundabout onto Ring Road South. The Adrian Trimpe Building is the first building on your left, right off the road (located between lots 100 and 39).


In order to avoid having your car ticketed or towed, please adhere to the parking regulations, and park in the posted areas designated by the parking map. Parking permits are available for prospective or recently admitted students who have not yet taken classes at WMU. You will request this upon scheduling an appointment with a Promise Coach or Peer Mentor. 

If you are eligible to receive a parking permit:

After exiting the roundabout onto Ring Road South, take the first left into lot 100 and park at the parking meters. Your car will then be facing our offices. Be sure to place your printed parking pass on the dash of your car so that it is visible. If receive a pink hanging tag after arriving at our office, make sure the date is completely punched out and be sure to hang it on your mirror so that is visible from outside your vehicle. If there is no parking available in lot 100, you can park in lot 76, towards the back. Look for a sign that says parking available for all permits.