The Kalamazoo Promise provides an unparalleled opportunity to engage and energize the Kalamazoo community in building a world class educational environment in the Kalamazoo area. Western Michigan University is committed to playing a valuable role in making that happen. WMU’s commitment involves efforts to ensure the success of the Promise scholarship students at WMU and involvement in other programs and projects pertaining to the Kalamazoo School District youth both in the schools and in the community. 

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program seeks to serve all current and prospective Promise-eligible Western Michigan University students by addressing concerns in the areas of Education, Finances and Employment, Housing, Mental and Physical Health, Cultural Identity Formation, Supportive Relationships and Community Connections, and Life Skills for College and Career Success. Additionally, we answer questions regarding their scholarships, support their transition to WMU from high school or their previous home intuition, and offer mentorship about navigating the unique college environment at WMU.

Our goal is to increase retention and graduation rates. Our purpose is to advocate for and with students to remove or lessen any barriers or roadblocks preventing them from reaching their full potential. We do this with the understanding that every student has their own unique path which may lead to any one of a number of certifications and credentials including a Bachelor’s degree.

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program also works to increase student engagement on campus by developing opportunities and programming to support student academic, professional and personal growth. 

For direct assistance with the Kalamazoo Promise, please contact a Kalamazoo Promise graduate assistant or email

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