Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship

Scholarship Application Process for New and Transfer students

This process is for new students and students transferring from other schools. Returning students will not need to repeat the process yearly. If you are transferring, just refer to steps 3 through 5.

In order for your Promise scholarship to be applied at WMU, you must complete the following steps:

  1. If you have not already done so, you'll need to complete the application to determine if you are eligible to receive the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship. This should be submitted to the Kalamazoo Promise using the contact information provided on the form. You will typically apply for the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship during your senior year of high school. You will only need to do this once. Applications will be available in your high school from your counselor or Promise Pathway Coach as well as online through the Kalamazoo Promise website.
  2. Wait to receive the results of your application by mail. This will tell your funding level and provide you with next steps to apply your scholarship at your school of choice.
  3. Register your Promise Scholarship account by following the ‘register here’ instructions on the Account Login screen. You will need your KPSID in order to register. Most students have this number memorized because they used it often in high school, however, this number can also be found on your high school ID, high school transcripts and the letter with the results of your scholarship application from the Promise.
  4. Apply and be accepted at Western Michigan University.
  5. Meet with a Campus Coach in the WMU Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Office to complete a Scholarship Acceptance Form (SAF) and a Scholarship Agreement Form. The WMU Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program Office is located in 1320 Adrian Trimpe Building on WMU's main campus. Both forms are available below but cannot be processed until you have met with a Campus Coach.

The Scholarship Acceptance Form (SAF) allows the Kalamazoo Promise to complete the payment process and allows the school to share academic progress. 


Seeing Your Award at WMU

  1. Log in to GoWMU and click on the Student Home tab.
  2. In the My Self Service menu, expand the All Links menu and click Payment and Account Information.
  3. Click My Account
  4. To view account activity, click Account Activity and select the correct semester
  5. To view statements and invoices click Statements locate the desired statement date and click View.

Requirements to Maintain Scholarship

In order to maintain your Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

Be enrolled full-time (at least 12 credit hours)

In order to use your scholarship, you must be a full-time student unless:

  • you have fewer than 30 credit hours;
  • you have approval from the Kalamazoo Promise office (typically due to hardship); or,
  • you are using your scholarship during Summer I or II

Must maintain a 2.0 GPA

In the first semester you are unable to earn a 2.0 or higher GPA, your scholarship will be put on probation. If it occurs in the next consecutive semester you are enrolled, your scholarship will be suspended. If you end a semester with less than 2.0 you will be asked to meet with a Promise Campus Coach to complete a success plan for the next semester.

Must make satisfactory progress toward the degree

You should be passing a minimum of at least nine (9) credits hours each semester while maintaining a 2.0 or higher GPA. If you've withdrawn from a course and have dropped below nine credits, schedule an appointment with us. If you have the approval to go less than full-time, you must pass all enrolled credits.

Taking Summer Classes

You may use the benefit in the summer terms as well. Full-time summer enrollment is NOT required. Unfortunately, you cannot split the award between two different schools in the summer. This means you cannot apply your Promise at KVCC for a class that runs the first half of the summer and another class at WMU which runs the latter half of the summer.

  • Using the Promise at WMU in the summer: You are encouraged to complete a summer financial aid application and return your completed form to Bronco Express on the lower level of the Bernhard Center. You may also email or mail to the address listed on the form. Do not submit your completed form to The Kalamazoo Promise or the Kalamazoo Promise Scholars Program. If you do not complete a summer application you will not be awarded Kalamazoo Promise until after the add/drop period for the term.
  • Using the Promise at KVCC in the summer: You are permitted to take classes at KVCC in the summer even if it is not your home institution. To do this, you will need to complete a summer intent form found in your Kalamazoo Promise account.

Special process for students taking summer classes in 2020:

You can submit the form electronically by emailing it to the email address listed on the form. The form may be filled out electronically, including the signature. Typically, electronic signatures are not accepted, but an exception is currently being made while students have limited access to campus and printers. You will need to include the following message in your email:

Due to COVID-19, I understand that I am submitting this summer request for funds due to my inability to print and provide a signature in person.  I verify that this information is accurate and true and I am (insert your name), providing the attached summer request form.

Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes

Until census, your Kalamazoo Promise award is subject to change, based upon the fluctuation of tuition charges on your account due to adding or dropping a course.

During the semester:

  • If you add a class after the add/drop period you should contact financial aid for an adjustment of your Promise award.
  • If you drop a course after the last day to drop/add without penalty (typically the first week of the semester) you will not get those credits back from the Promise as the course will have already been paid for. The exception to this is if you have an approved tuition charge appeal. If you are considering withdrawing from a course or are experiencing hardship, schedule an appointment with us as early as possible.


The Promise scholarship covers tuition and mandatory fees. It does not cover course fees, books, room and board, or any other costs related to education. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged that unless you cannot do so, complete your FAFSA each year. The earlier you can submit it increases the amount of aid you are eligible for. FAFSA opens October 1 of each year.

In order to qualify for other need-based aid, students must have a completed FAFSA. 

General Scholarship Information

Award eligibility is determined by the Kalamazoo Promise Office.

Length of award

You have up to ten years after your date of graduation to use your Promise Scholarship. This is especially important to note for those of you who have or plan to graduate from high school early.

What's covered

Based on your funding level, your Kalamazoo Promise scholarship will be applied toward residential, undergraduate tuition for courses taken on the main campus, at regional campuses, and for online courses. The award can be used for WMU tuition costs associated with studying abroad not to exceed the cost of tuition at WMU.

Your Promise will also be applied towards mandatory fees which currently include the following (these are subject to change):

  • enrollment fee
  • Fall Welcome fee
  • online support fee
  • New Student Orientation fee
  • student assessment fee
  • record initiation fee
  • continuing enrollment fee
  • technology fee
  • spring transition fee
  • student teacher tuition adjustment fee
  • sustainability fee

Total number of credits allowed

Your Promise will cover up to 130 credit hours within your ten years of eligibility according to your funding level. Withdrawn, repeated and failed courses count against this total. Few academic programs at WMU will require more than 130 credit hours. If you are enrolled in such a program at WMU you can complete a credit limit waiver form and return to the Kalamazoo Promise Office.

How the scholarship works with other scholarships

The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is a “first-dollar scholarship”, which means it will be applied towards tuition and mandatory feeds prior to any other scholarships. If any tuition or mandatory fees remain, other tuition-specific awards can then be applied (i.e. WMU tuition remission, Heyl Nursing scholarship, etc.)

Funding level

The percentage of your tuition and mandatory fees covered by the Kalamazoo Promise is based on the number of years you attended. There is no GPA requirement. After submitting your Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship application to the Kalamazoo Promise, you will receive a letter indicating the outcome of your application. If accepted, it will also include your funding level. You can check your funding level and the number of credits remaining at any time by logging into your Kalamazoo Promise account. 

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