The Department of World Language and Literatures at Western Michigan University offers majors and minors in Japanese.

Language majors must satisfy WMU's baccalaureate-level writing requirement by successfully completing World Literature in English Translation (LANG 3750) or East and West Literary Relations (LANG 4040).

Requirements for the major and minor may change with each new WMU undergraduate catalog. No student may graduate under a catalog which is more than 10 years old.

Only courses in which a grade of C or better is obtained will be counted toward a Japanese major or minor.


We invite you to make an appointment with an advisor of Japanese if you have any questions about your Japanese studies. As a major or minor, you are encouraged to meet each semester with your advisor of Japanese as well as your curriculum advisor, typically in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Education and Human Development.


The department offers a variety of activities and support services to help you succeed, including language tables, tutoring, clubs and the occasional field trip.


Follow the placement guidelines to determine an appropriate course for your language studies.


Japanese courses

English-Language courses about Japanese language and culture:

Student Success Resources

Student Success Services aims to help you attain continued success throughout your academic career. Multiple resources are available on campus to support you in this pursuit.

Study abroad

The department offers study abroad programs for Japanese studies. If you desire to earn Japanese credits through participation in a study abroad program, contact an advisor of Japanese. A program must be approved before it is undertaken.