Linguistics Faculty

These Western Michigan University faculty members are affiliated with the linguisitcs discipline.

College of Arts and Sciences

Africana studies program
Onaiwu Ogbomo

Department of Comparative Religion
Timothy Light (Emeritus) (Chinese)

Department of English
Philip Egan
Paul Johnston
Lisa Cohen Minnick
Jana Schulman

Department of Geography
Dave Lemberg

Department of Geosciences
Daniel Cassidy

Department of History
James (Jim) Palmitessa

Department of Psychology
Richard Spates

Department of Spanish
Pablo Pastrana-Pérez
Robert Vann
Kristina Wirtz

Department of World Languages and Literatures
Robert Dlouhy (Language)
Mustafa Mughazy (Arabic)
Carolos Pimental (Japanese)
Viviane Ruellot (French)
Xiaojun Wang (Chinese)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

College of Education and Human Development

Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies
Allison Hart-Young
Paul Vellom

College of Fine Arts

Frostic School of Art
Paul Solomon

School of Music
Carl Ratner

College of Health and Human Services

Bronson School of Nursing
Sharie Falan

Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (Formerly Speech Pathology and Audiology)
James Hillenbrand
Yvette Hyter
Nikola (Nicki) Nelson

Haenicke Institute for Global Education

Career English Language Center for International Studies

Ila Baker
Joel Boyd
Robert Dlouhy

Office of Institutional Research

Jason Jach

Medieval Institute

James (Jim) Palmitessa
Pablo Pastrana-Pérez
Jana Schulman

University Libraries

Maria Bundza