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Marketing and Creative Services

The marketing and creative team is responsible for building the power of the Western Michigan University brand and managing its messages. We support the University’s goals by crafting and advancing WMU’s market position, increasing the University’s visibility among key audiences and coordinating marketing efforts on and off campus.

We produce the tools and brand assets needed to create marketing materials for all media channels, including:

  • The brand guide—we develop, manage and deliver the collection of textual and graphic assets that, when used together, create a unified brand identity that uniquely and distinctively sets WMU apart from other institutions.
  • University brand campaigns—we create and implement WMU’s flagship campaigns, which are developed to express the University’s brand principles and promise across multiple channels including advertising, social media and recruiting materials.

Admissions suite of assets

  • The Admissions print pieces in a collage photo.
  • Our recruitment suite materials, intended to increase University awareness and enrollment, are distributed to prospective students annually.