Employment Opportunities

Graduate student teaching assistantships for admitted students

Admitted graduate students interested in applying for teaching assistantships in Western Michigan University's Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering should apply by February 1. 

  • Admitted graduate students should discuss their application with their faculty thesis advisor prior to submitting an application. Applications are accepted through, and at the recommendation of, the faculty advisor of the student’s thesis.
  • Graduate students who receive funding  may be assigned to teaching, tutoring, grading and other teaching support assignments. These assignments will be decided by the department chair, in consultation with the faculty advisor(s) of the student. 
  • All the recipients of these positions must attend the Graduate College Teaching Workshop. 
  • All GA’s with full assistantship are required to complete their master’s degree via the thesis option. 

Note: Graduate students who currently hold a teaching assistantship and are interested in continuing should contact the department chair directly by email and should not complete this form.

Part-time instructional opportunities

To be considered for part-time instructional positions, please submit a cover letter stating the courses you are interested in teaching and a resume. Email your packet to Dr. William Liou, chair of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.