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Our hands-on approach to challenging course material lets you pursue new and innovative knowledge with expert faculty and extensive resources.

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Mechanical and aerospace engineers solve problems. Mechanical engineers plan and design machines, tools, engines and other equipment or systems that produce or use power, such as instruments, controls, and machines as well as mechanical, thermal, hydraulic and heat transfer systems. Aerospace engineers design, develop, test and help produce commercial and military aircraft, surface effect vehicles, missiles, and other related hardware or systems for inside and outside the atmosphere.

Whichever field you choose, earning a degree from Western Michigan University will set you up for success as you pursue your professional goals. 

Resources for your success

Resources for your success

Supportive professors with regular office hours, study groups and tutoring are all available right in Floyd Hall

Degree programs

  • Undergraduate programs

    The undergraduate programs include coursework in mathematics, mechanical and aerospace engineering, the basic sciences and design, as well as computers, socioeconomic factors, written and oral communication and general education subjects. We offer bachelor degrees, an accelerated master's and a minor.

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  • Graduate programs

    Graduate programs reflect the broad spectrum of graduate education in mechanical and aerospace engineering. The department houses state-of-the-art laboratories led by renowned faculty members who will engage your research ideas and professional aspirations.

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Research opportunities

A hallmark of a Western engineering education is the opportunity to work with faculty who are leading experts in their fields. Through our academic and research labs, that work is enhanced through hands-on projects and opportunities for undergraduate research. We even house a student projects lab where you can explore your own ideas and work with other students on class or student organization designs. 

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  • I thought I was just coming here to be a student and to learn in academics, but I unexpectedly learned that coming here was also about personal growth and leadership.

    Jacob Roberts, aerospace engineering

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