Engineering a better world

Mechanical engineers are found in almost every industry. Students become familiar with design, synthesis, engineering computer applications and mechanical systems. Aerospace engineers design, develop, test and help produce commercial and military aircraft, surface effect vehicles, missiles, and other related hardware or systems for inside and outside the atmosphere. Boasting one of only two programs in the state, we provide unique experiences for our students. Included in their studies are aerodynamics, structures, propulsion, flight mechanics, stability and control, space propulsion and orbital mechanics.

  • Tianshu Liu

    Presidential Innovation Professor

    Part of the 2022 innovation professor class, Dr. Tianshu Liu received funding to develop unified image-based measurement methods to determine the important physical quantities of complex flows in engineering and natural systems, including pressure, temperature, heat transfer, skin friction and velocity.

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Senior Design Conference

The Senior Design Conference celebrates with pride the dedication, perseverance, and excellence of our students. You are invited to attend our students’ presentations—virtually or in-person—to learn about their work and the exciting things they have accomplished. What you will see are the results of our thriving Broncos—designing, building, and testing.

Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You may also schedule an appointment or contact us via phone or WebEx. Please call (269) 276-3420 with further questions.