New John O. Hallquist Endowed Professorship

Some good news!! We have received two, $1 million endowments by Dr. John O. Hallquist. With the new endowments, two John O. Hallquist Endowed Professorships in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering have been established. 

Dr. John Hallquist received a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering, magna cum laude, in 1970. He completed his formal education at Michigan Tech where he received a Master of Science in mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics in 1971, and a Doctor of Philosophy in mechanical engineering and engineering mechanics in 1974. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Hallquist was employed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to work in the nuclear weapons program. He remained in this position until 1987, when he founded the Livermore Software Technology Corporation. Dr. Hallquist is the creator of LS-DYNA (see: the engineering mechanics software that recently became part of ANSYS. 

You can hear about his passion to become an engineer and his career in the following video - 

Video of John Hallquist Followed His Passion to Become an Engineer