Students who attend Western Michigan University's Seminar summer music camp will have a variety of instructional staff that enhances the experience. Listed below are the faculty and staff for Seminar 2018. The faculty and staff for Seminar 2019 will be posted after appointments are made in the spring, and will be updated regularly thereafter.

*    indicates WMU School of Music Faculty/Staff member or emeritus
+    indicates WMU School of Music Graduate Student or Alumnus
#    indicates WMU School of Music Undergraduate Student

Private Lessons

Georgiy Borisov, Clarinet *
Igor Fedotov, Viola *
Lin Foulk, Horn *
Magdalena Garbalinska, Violin +
Tom Knific, Double Bass *
Jason Kramer, Bassoon +
Wendy Mazer, Oboe +
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Rhea Olivaccé, Voice *
Ken Prewitt, Voice *
Carter Rice, Composition *
Emily Mikel Rowe, Clarinet +
Pablo Sanchez, Flute +
Ben Schmidt-Swartz, Saxophone +
Dan Scott, Cello +
Lori Sims, Piano *
Yu-Lien The, Piano *
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Tuba/Euphonium +
Robert White, Trumpet *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Trombone *
Mialtin Zhezha, Violin +

Large Ensembles

Kimberly Dunn Adams, Concert Choir *
Scott Boerma, Wind Ensemble *
Victoria Jackson, Concert Choir +
Emily Mikel Rowe, Woodwind Choir +
Vincent Rubino, Wind Ensemble, Brass Choir +
Dan Scott, String Orchestra +


Will Alderman, Percussion and Steel Drum Ensembles +
Evan Clifton, Brass Quintet, Brass Quartet +
Igor Fedotov, String Quartet *
Magdalena Garbalinska, String Quartet +
Heidi Keener, Wind Quintet +
Jason Kramer, Wind Quintet +
Emily Mikel Rowe, Clarinet Ensemble +
Pablo Sanchez, Flute Trio +
Ben Schmidt-Swartz, Saxophone Quartet +
Dan Scott, String Quartet +
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Brass Quintet +
Steve Wolfinbarger, Brass Quintet *
Mialtin Zhezha, String Quartet +


Ken Hunley, Musicianship I (aural assistant) #
Victoria Jackson, Musicianship II/III (aural) +
Dan Jacobson, Musicianship IV (forms) *
Richard Johnson, Musicianship II/III (written)
Julie Evans Little, Musicianship II/III (aural) *
Carter Rice, Musicianship IV (creativity) *
Ben Schmidt-Swartz, Musicianship IV (jazz composition/arranging) +
Shannon Scoles, Musicianship I +


Kimberly Dunn Adams, Vocal Chamber Music *
Kelsey Adriance, Introduction to Music Therapy +
Scott Boerma, Chamber Winds, Conducting Techniques *
Carolyn Borcherding, Computers and Music +
Michael Duffy, What I’ve Always Wanted to Know About Music *
Megan Grimm, Beginning Guitar #
Dan Jacobson, The Beatles—Their Style and Impact *
Richard Johnson, Knowing the Score
Rhea Olivaccé, Vocal Chamber Music *
Ken Prewitt, Vocal Chamber Music *
Vincent Rubino, Chamber Winds, Conducting Techniques +
Ben Schmidt-Swartz, Instrumental Jazz Techniques +
Tahmoures Tabatabaei, Beginning Piano +
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Improvisation for Classical Musicians +
Gordon van Gent, Recording Studio Techniques +


William Bailey, Choir Bass Sectional #
Ryan Block, Choir Tenor Sectional #
Hayley Girard, Choir Soprano Sectional #
Shannon Kelley, Choir Alto Sectional #
Kurt Melendy, Double Bass Class +
Lori Sims, Piano Class *
Yu-Lien The, Piano Class *


Christopher Gray, Voice Lessons, Performances +
Gunta Laukmane, Vocal/Choral, Voice Lessons


Kimberly Dunn Adams, Choral *
Igor Fedotov, String *
Julie Evans Little, Musicianship *
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Ken Prewitt, Vocal *
Wendy Rose, Woodwind (co-coordinator) *
Lori Sims, Piano *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Brass *
Bradley Wong, Woodwind (co-coordinator) *


Lori Sims, Performance Coordinator *
Dannielle Sturgeon, Registrar *
Kevin West, Director *


Tré Bryant, Headquarters Assistant #
Judy Belland, Library Coordinator *
Michael Duffy, Music Librarian *
Lauren Hill, Headquarters Assistant #
Jessica Masse, Piano Technician *
Jeff Mitchell, Photographer +
Michael Moore, Instrument/Locker Inventory +
Deb O’Keefe, Budget Advisor *


George Brown, Counseling Supervisor +
Kennedy Dixon, Counselor #
Ben Hahn, Counselor #
Russell Matthews, Counselor #
Nicole Peters, Counselor #
Dominic Reaume, Counselor #
Shannon Rouston, Counselor #
Lindsey Streeter, Counselor #
Jeffrey Wetherford III, Counselor #
Victoria Wilhelm, Receptionist #