Seminar 22 faculty & staff

To Be Announced


Seminar 21 faculty & staff

*    indicates WMU School of Music Faculty/Staff member or emeritus

+    indicates WMU School of Music Graduate Student or Alumnus
#    indicates WMU School of Music Undergraduate Student

Private Lessons 

Lin Foulk Baird, Horn *
Lisa Coons, Composition *
Igor Fedotov, Viola *
Michael Hovnanian, Double Bass *
Marja Kerney, Percussion *
Helen Rathbun, Flute *
Carl Ratner, Voice *
Wendy Rose, Bassoon +
Henning Schröder, Saxophone *
Lori Sims, Piano *
Ciara Solby, Clarinet +
Yu-Lien The, Piano *
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Tuba/Euphonium +
Bruce Uchimura, Cello *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Trombone * 


Musicianship Classes 

Eddie Codrington, Advanced Musicianship (jazz) +
Dan Jacobson, Advanced Musicianship (forms) *
Henning Schröder, Musicianship II *
Shannon Scoles, Musicianship I +


Elective Classes 

Scott Boerma, Conducting Techniques *
Deanna Bush, Introduction to Music Therapy *
Michael Duffy, Exploring Diversity of Composers *
Cristina Fava, Music Traditions in a Changing World *
Dan Jacobson, The Beatles: Their Style and Impact *
Mary Land, So, You Want to Be a Music Teacher? *
Henning Schröder, Let's Go to the Symphony! *
Ken Smith, Computers and Music *
Chance Trottman-Huiet, Improvisation for Classical Musicians +


Curricular Class 

Lori Sims, Piano Class *
Yu-Lien The, Piano Class *


Curriculum Coordinator 

Julie Evans Little, Musicianship *


Administrative Staff 

David Bernard, Seminar Registrar *
Lori Sims, Performance Coordinator *
Kevin West, Seminar Director *


Counseling Staff 

Peyton Berce, Counselor #
LeAnn Chin, Counselor #
Katelyn Dietz, Counselor +
Lauren Hill, Counseling Supervisor #
Owen Kilpatrick, Counselor #
Dominic Reaume, Counselor #
Victoria Wilhelm, Counselor #