Students who attend Western Michigan University's Seminar summer music camp will have a variety of instructional staff, selected from WMU's internationally recognized faculty, that enhance the experience. 

*    indicates WMU School of Music Faculty/Staff member or emeritus
+    indicates WMU School of Music Graduate Student or Alumnus
#    indicates WMU School of Music Undergraduate Student

Private Lessons

Ellen Breakfield-Glick, Clarinet *
Liz Callahan, Oboe
Jacob Cameron, Tuba/Euphonium *
Igor Fedotov, Viola *
Michael Hovnanian, Double Bass *
Elizabeth Judge, Horn
David Lisker, Violin *
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Helen Rathbun, Flute
Carter Rice, Composition/Multimedia Arts Technology *
Wendy Rose, Bassoon *
Henning Schroeder, Saxophone +
Alexandria Shiner, Voice +
Lori Sims, Piano *
Yu-Lien The, Piano *
Bruce Uchimura, Cello *
Robert White, Trumpet *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Trombone *

Musicianship Classes

Matthew Fries, Musicianship IV (jazz composition/arranging) *
Dan Jacobson, Musicianship IV (forms) *
Carter Rice, Musicianship IV (creativity) *
Shannon Scoles, Musicianship I +

Elective Classes

Scott Boerma, Conducting Techniques *
Cristina Fava, Music Traditions in a Changing World *
Michael Duffy, Music Library Exhibits *
Dee Gauthier, So, You Want to Be a Music Teacher? *
Dan Jacobson, The Beatles: Their Style and Impact *
Mary Land, So, You Want to Be a Music Teacher? *
Taylorlyn Mehnert, Introduction to Music Therapy +
Paul Schaedig, Introduction to Music Production and Audio Engineering +
Ken Smith, Computers and Music *

Curricular Classes

Lisa Coons, Composition Class *
Carter Rice, Composition Class *
Lori Sims, Piano Class *
Yu-Lien The, Piano Class *

Curriculum Coordinators

Igor Fedotov, String *
Julie Evans Little, Musicianship *
Judy Moonert, Percussion *
Wendy Rose, Woodwind *
Lori Sims, Piano *
Steve Wolfinbarger, Brass *

Administrative Staff

David Bernard, Seminar Registrar *
Carter Rice, Technology Coordinator *
Kevin West, Seminar Director *

Support Staff

Judy Belland, Library Coordinator *
Tré Bryant, Headquarters Assistant #
Michael Duffy, Music Librarian *
Jessica Masse, Piano Technician *
Deb O’Keefe, Budget Advisor *

Counseling Staff

Ashley Beattie, Counselor #
Kennedy Dixon, Counselor +
Erin Emery, Counselor #
Ben Hahn, Counselor #
Lauren Hill, Counselor #
Jared Jaggi, Counselor #
Owen Kilpatrick, Counselor #
Dominic Reaume, Counselor #
Jeffrey Wetherford III, Counseling Supervisor #
Rachel Yonamine, Receptionist #