The Western Michigan University Seminar Music Camp application process includes:

  • Completed application form (online).

  • Music teacher endorsement letter (txt, pdf, doc, or docx).

  • $100 deposit (online).

  • Recorded audition (mov, mp, wav, mp4, or m4a).


The submission deadline for applications is May 1. Applications will continue to be accepted, however, if vacancies exist. The enrollment status for each section can be found on the enrollment vacancies page.

Click the button to open the application form.


Music teacher endorsement letter

Candidates should include a music teacher endorsement letter with their application. The teacher can be your private lesson instructor or high school music director (band, orchestra or choir). The letter should endorse you as a responsible music student. It can be a simple letter (even handwritten), but it must clearly identify the person writing the letter, be signed by that person, and clarify that person's role as your music teacher.



A candidate's application cannot be processed without a $100 deposit. After submitting the application, the applicant will be redirected to a Shop WMU page to pay the deposit. Please pay it immediately after submitting the application. The deposit is nonrefundable unless we are unable to accept the candidate in which case a $50 refund will be made (see our refund policy). The $100 application deposit does apply to the total tuition due for accepted students.


Recorded audition 

All candidates must audition for admission by sending a recorded audition with their application. Please contact us if you plan to upload a recording to YouTube or another internet source that you would like to use. Because enrollments are often competitive, candidates should give as much attention as possible to the quality of their recordings.

  • We reserve the right to waive the audition requirement if circumstances allow an alternate evaluation. Some students, for example, will have earned audition waivers due to previous Seminar or state honors band, orchestra, or choir participation.


  • Woodwind, brass and percussion

    Woodwind, brass and percussion candidates should record a two-octave chromatic scale (percussionists on the mallet keyboard of their choice) as well as a "festival" solo piece (with or without accompaniment) that demonstrates both lyrical and technical playing.

  • String

    String candidates should record a solo piece from the violin, viola, cello or double bass repertoire (accompaniment optional) representing their current technical and musical abilities. 

  • Vocalists

    Vocalists should record two accompanied, classical art songs in contrasting styles such as those used for the typical state solo and ensemble festivals. Popular songs, music theater and jazz are not appropriate for the Seminar program audition. 

  • Piano

    Pianists should record two representative works each selected from a different era: baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary. 

  • Composition
    • Composition applicants will need to provide the following materials:

      • A recording of an original work (either solo or ensemble work) in mp3 or m4a file format, or as a link to a website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

      • The score of an original work in PDF format.

      • A short essay addressing why the applicant would like to pursue composition (2-3 paragraphs describing experience with music, interest in creating original music, what types of music the applicant would most like to learn to write, etc.) in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

    A teacher recommendation is not required for composition applicants.