Gluten-free and Allergy Accommodations

Within the new dining center, students will have access to a variety of customizable options from eight micro-restaurants. Students with Celiac Disease, gluten-intolerance and other severe food allergies will be able to supplement these choices with the gluten-free options available in Hand Picked, a small corridor that provides specific gluten-free products and dedicated equipment. In addition, students may choose to eat the hot, prepared options from Simply, a serving area between the Garden and Fireside that offers many allergen-friendly selections during lunch and dinner on weekdays.


Self-serve area with gluten-free bread alternatives and dedicated equipment for cross-contact-free choices. Hand Picked includes:

  • GF waffle batter and GF waffle iron
  • GF buns, bread, bagels and condiments with a GF toaster
  • GF blueberry muffins
  • GF pasta and other refrigerated and frozen ready to heat selections
  • GF microwave



Freshly prepared options curated for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions. Lunch and dinner meals during the week will include a rotating menu with savory protein and carbohydrate selections that have a short ingredient list. Menu items will be free from gluten/wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. Menu items may occasionally use fish, soy, and sesame ingredients, but will be clearly labeled.

Find more gluten-free and allergen-free accommodations at the Valley Dining Center in My Pantry for individualized dietary needs.

Please email Emily Hazel, Dining Service's Nutrition Specialist, for more information and to identify how these accommodations could work for you