My Pantry

allergen Accommodations and Individualization

 Student warming up a bagel in My Pantry
My Pantry is an access-controlled area in the Valley Dining Center that serves as a resource for students who have specific allergies or food intolerances. All food prepared in My Pantry is gluten and nut free, completely eliminating the risk of cross-contact for both gluten and nuts; accommodations to eliminate the risk of cross-contact are made for other allergens based on need.
My Pantry is comprised of two areas: a self-serve section for student use and a small kitchen for staff use. With ID access, registered students may use the self-service area during all hours the Valley Dining Center is open. Here, students may use the toaster, waffle iron and microwave to heat up any gluten- and nut-free products that are stored in the glass-doored cooler. A variety of products are kept in the cooler including gluten- and nut-free bread products, pasta and waffle mix.
Video of Gluten-Free Waffle Making at My Pantry
In the adjacent kitchen, pre-ordered meals are prepared by AllerTrain U certified staff members using dedicated allergen-free equipment, and available for student pick-up at the time the student designated on their order. This option is available Monday through Friday, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. to registered students who place their order in advance online by 10 a.m.
Students are able to customize their order, including gluten-free pizzas, quesadillas, sandwiches, pasta bowls, grilled chicken, burgers or a daily featured entrée. Each order may contain up to two entrees, two starches and two vegetables. More than one order can be placed per day. 

Registering to Use My Pantry

Students who have documented medical food allergies or intolerances are eligible to use My Pantry.
1. Schedule an appointment with Emily Hazel Mitchell, RDN at or (269) 387-4888. At this appointment, you will discuss what kind of accommodations you require, determine how your needs can best be met with Dining Services, and receive a tour of My Pantry. You will also be expected to review and sign the User Agreement prior to gaining Bronco Card access into My Pantry.
2. Register your dietary needs with Disability Services for Students using the Public Accommodation Request form.
3. Additional questions about My Pantry utilization, other allergy accommodations, or any other related concerns can be addressed with Emily or call the Dining Services Office at (269) 387-4844.