Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the meal plan choices for students living in the residence halls?

A. There are four meal plan choices for students living in the residence halls: Gold Meal Plan, 20-Meal Plan, 15-Meal Plan and 10-Meal Plan. The Gold Meal Plan allows unlimited access to the residence hall dining centers during serving hours. The three declining meal plans allow a certain number of accesses to the dining centers each week. Unused meals do not carry over each week. Meals are loaded onto your Bronco ID card at the beginning of each week.

Q. What is the most popular meal plan?

A. The Gold Meal Plan.

Q. How do meal plans work?

A. Meal Plans are loaded onto the student’s Bronco ID card. All the student needs to do is present their valid Bronco ID card to the door checker, and the card is swiped through a card reader. The reader verifies the student has a meal plan and the student may now enter the dining center. Inside the dining center students may select from any of the choices available. Campus dining centers are mostly self-serve, so the student may select the quantity of choices according to their own appetite. Once the student is done eating, the student returns their dishes and utensils to the dish return area. Food and beverages may not be removed from the dining center. A WeSustain EcoMug or EcoJug may be used at any dining center for a carryout beverage.

For the declining balance meal plans (20-Meal Plan, 15-Meal Plan and 10-Meal Plan), the meal plan week begins with Monday breakfast and ends just after Late-night services on Sunday. Any unused meals left as of midnight on Sunday are lost and are not refundable. Students do not need to remember how many meals they have remaining for the week, as once the Bronco ID card is swiped, the number of meals remaining for that week is displayed on the reader. Meals are only available for use by the Bronco ID cardholder.

Q. Can students change their meal plan?

A. Students living in the residence halls may make one change to their meal plan at the beginning of the semester. The time frame to make this change is posted on the meal plan change website. To change your meal plan, go to GoWMU and under the My Self Service section on the left choose the link "Residence Life Housing."

Once the student changes their meal plan, a credit or charge will be applied to the student’s account based on a daily proration of the meal plan cost. If the dining plan change has a lower cost than the original choice, the student may be entitled to a refund for the difference. To receive a refund, all University fees must be paid in full. If not, the credit from the dining plan change will be applied to any outstanding balance on the student account. Once all University charges are paid, the refund will be processed according to the Accounts Receivable processing schedule. For more information on your student account contact Bronco Express at (269) 387-6000.

Q. What are Dining Dollars?

A. Dining Dollars are a prepaid account to make purchases at WMU Dining Services locations. Campus cafés, which are retail locations throughout campus, accept Dining Dollars (along with cash, MasterCard®, Visa® or Discover®). Additionally, students can use their Dining Dollars to purchase a meal for a guest at the dining center door checker’s stand. Dining Dollars are loaded on the student’s Bronco ID card. The guest meal rate is deducted from the student's Dining Dollars account for individually purchased meals.

To use Dining Dollars, the student presents their valid Bronco ID card to the cashier or dining center door checker. The purchase amount is deducted from the Dining Dollars account. The balance remaining in a Dining Dollars account is displayed on the cash register screen or card reader as the purchase is completed. Dining Dollars that are included with a meal plan and are not used by the end of the current semester do not roll over to any subsequent semester or session. 

Each meal plan has a beginning balance of Dining Dollars included, and the student can add more Dining Dollars at any time. Dining Dollars included with a meal plan are utilized before additionally purchased Dining Dollars are used. Dining Dollars that are purchased separately from a meal plan continue to roll over from semester to semester until the student graduates or leaves the University.

Q. Are all students required to have a meal plan?

A. Students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan as part of the Residence Hall and Dining Contract. There are three residence halls that allow a “room only” contract: Henry, Harvey and Garneau Halls

Q. What meal plan options are available for commuter students and WMU Apartment residents?

A. Commuter students and WMU Apartment residents purchase meal plans by the semester. In addition to the meal plan options available to residence hall students, there are “block meal plan” options available to commuter students. The block meal plans are: Commuter 100, Commuter 75 and Commuter 50 meal plans. The block meal plans include 100, 75, or 50 accesses to dining centers in the semester, respectively.

Students can purchase commuter meal plans online. Commuter meal plans may be charged to a WMU student account, or purchased online with a MasterCard®, Visa® or Discover® credit card. To pay by cash or check, students should come to the Dining Services office located in the Bernhard Center, room 161.

Q.What is available to students who have food allergies or medically required dietary accommodations?

A. With the many choices offered in Dining Services, almost all dietary accommodations can be met. Given the unique needs of students with food allergies or medically required dietary accommodations, individual consultation is encouraged. For assistance or guidance with food choices, ask to speak with the dining manager or call the dietitian at (269) 387-4888.

Q. What arrangements can be made if a student is sick and cannot come to the dining center?

A. If you are ill and cannot leave your room for a meal, you may obtain a sick tray meal as follows:

  1. Request your RA, roommate or suite-mate to pick up your sick tray, and give this person your WMU Bronco ID card.
  2. This person will ask at the checker’s stand for a sick tray slip, fill out and sign the sick tray slip, and have your WMU Bronco ID card scanned.
  3. The checker will notify the manager to help your RA, roommate or suite-mate find the needed carryout materials and food.
  4. The sick tray meal will consist of the available menu offerings in the dining center at the time of the request. Soups, crackers, juices and light meal choices are routinely available in the dining center.

Q. Can I share my meal plan (residential or commuter)?

A. No, all meal plans are non-transferrable, meaning that the meal plan may only be used by the purchaser, or the student the meal plan was purchased for. Do not transfer your WMU Bronco ID card to another person or allow your card to be in another person's possession. If your card is transferred to another person, with or without your consent, it will be kept by the dining service checker or cashier and a $25 fine will be charged to the legal cardholder. The legal cardholder, and the person using a Bronco ID card that does not belong to them, may be processed in accordance to the WMU Student Code. If your card is lost or stolen, call WMU Dining Services immediately at (269) 387-4844.

Dining Dollars, cash or credit card (Mastercard®, Visa® or Discover®) are accepted at all dining centers. 

Q. If I am interested in employment with WMU Dining Services, where should I apply?

A. You can find a student dining application online. Please type your responses, print, and turn in to the dining unit you are interested in applying to. A separate application must be filled out for each dining unit you apply to. Please visit the Dining Services employment website for more information.