Apartments and Off-Campus Options

Purchasing for Fall 2024

Students will be able to purchase apartment and off-campus meal plans or meal bundles for Fall 2024 in early August! Thank you for your patience while we implement the new BuyDining purchasing platform. 

Meal Bundles vs Meal Plans

Students living in WMU Apartments or off-campus have flexible options for dining on-campus. Students can choose to purchase Meals in Bundles of 10 at any time throughout the semester/session, or choose to purchase a traditional Meal Plan at the beginning of each semester/session. Neither option is required for students living in WMU Apartments or off-campus.  

  • Students eating a meal and socializing in front of Fresh Creations deli at the Valley Dining Center

    Meal Bundles

    Meal Bundles may be purchased at any time during the academic year and expire on the last day of the spring semester. Meals cost less when more bundles are purchased at one time! (Summer options are also available).

  • Two students laughing in a booth with food at the VDC

    Meal Plans

    Apartment and off-campus students may also purchase the same semester based meal plans that are available to students living on-campus. These meal plans are purchased through the BuyDining website instead of the Housing Portal.