Demo kitchen in the student center

Demonstration Kitchen Collaborations

The Demonstration Kitchen is uniquely situated between the Student Center Dining and the Fireplace Lounge, room 3203 on the 3rd floor of the WMU Student Center. The Demonstration Kitchen is used by the Dining Services professional staff for recipe/product testing and staff training opportunities, although collaborations between Dining Services and RSOs, employee groups or other groups to use this space are encouraged! Please reach out to with your inquiry.

Cooking Equipment

The Demonstration Kitchen features commercial grade cooking equipment situated behind a glass enclosure: 

  • 4-burner gas range in the demonstration kitchen

    4-burner gas range

  • 2 burner charbroiler/grill

    2-burner charbroiler/grill

  • 18" flattop grill

    18" flattop grill

  • 2 conventional ovens

    2 conventional ovens

In addition, the Demonstration Kitchen has access to a variety of additional equipment to ensure appropriate food safety practices can be followed including a combi oven with the capability to bake or steam, hot holding equipment, a cooler and a freezer. 

Display Technology

One camera is affixed to the wall and can display the live demonstration on the two digital screens which face the Fireplace Lounge. This camera set-up allows a close-up of the activity happening within the demonstration space, with 3 different auto-focus options.

Audience and Guest Experience

The seating area in front of the Demonstration Kitchen is filled with a variety of seating styles, including booths, lounging chairs, armless sofas, and high-top tables. Audience members are easily able to see what is happening in the kitchen through the digital displays, but do not have workstations to follow along with the demonstration.

Seating area in front of the demonstration kitchen