Meal Exchange

Meal Exchange at Campus Cafés

Meal Exchange offers students a quick and convenient way to use their meal plan swipes at a Campus Cafés which are located close to many academic classes. Students may use meal exchange once each meal period. Specific options at each location vary based on available food equipment and space, although each meal exchange includes 1 entrée, 1 side, 1 beverage and 1 piece of whole fruit.

  • one entree
  • one side
  • one beverage
  • one piece of fruit

Meal Exchange Locations

How to use your Meal Plan for a Meal Exchange

  1. Once each meal period, students may use their meal plan to get a Meal Exchange from a participating café.
  2. Choose 1 entrée, 1 side, 1 beverage and 1 piece of whole fruit from the designated selections.
  3. Let the cashier know you want to use your meal plan for a Meal Exchange; present your Bronco Card to the cashier to swipe for your meal.

Please, no substitutions. Additional items not on the Meal Exchange menu may be purchased using Dining Dollars, cash or credit.