• Student using the Morphowave scanner


How can I enroll?

Enrollment Tables for MorphoWave will be held during Fall Welcome 2024 and periodically throughout the Fall semester. 

What is MorphoWave?

MorphoWave is a biometric, touchless entry system that allows "enrolled" students, faculty or staff to enter the dining center without having to swipe their Bronco Card! "Enrollment" into this entry system is optional. Students, faculty and staff can choose to "enroll" by attending an Enrollment Table.

Enrollment is very quick. Each Bronco Card holder will wave their right hand through the MorphoWave reader a few times. This connects their WIN to the scanned biometric points on their hand. These points are stored securely and cannot be translated into fingerprints.

You can learn more about MorphoWave as a product here or see below for some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What is MorphoWave?

    MorphoWave is a biometric, touchless entry system at the dining centers on WMU’s campus. This system allows students, faculty or staff with a meal plan OR with purchased Dining Dollars only to wave their hand across the turnstile reader instead of swiping their Bronco Card after they have enrolled.

  • How does MorphoWave work?

    A user’s hand scan is translated into biometric points in the MorphoWave system by waving their hand across the MorphoWave reader during an Enrollment Table. The unique biometric points are connected to their WIN, which allows them to wave their hand instead of swiping their Bronco Card to enter the dining center for a meal. These biometric points cannot be related back to fingerprints. User’s fingerprints remain private.

  • Why should I use MorphoWave?

    The system is touchless, convenient and secure. If you lose or forget your Bronco Card, you can still enter to eat at a dining center. No need to wait in line for the cashier to swipe your card, just wave your hand across the MorphoWave reader and the turnstiles will open automatically for you if you have a valid meal plan.

  • Where is the scan of my hand stored?

    Your hand scan is translated into biometric points are stored in an encrypted database. These points cannot be translated into fingerprints and this information is not shared with anyone.  

  • Where is MorphoWave used?

    MorphoWave is used at the Valley Dining Center and at the Student Center Dining, on the third floor of the Student Center. Campus Cafes, including Meal Exchange locations still require Bronco Cards to use meal plan swipes or Dining Dollars.  

  • How can I use MorphoWave/enroll in this system?

    Enrollment Tables are hosted periodically in the lobby area of the Valley Dining Center, as well as in the DASH location on the 3rd floor of the Student Center. Please see the schedule posted above. 

  • Do I still need my WMU ID?

    Yes, your Bronco Card is still necessary for many things at the University, but you will not need your Bronco Card to access the meal swipes on your meal plan when entering a dining center. If you have a meal plan, you will need your Bronco Card to use Dining Dollars to pay for an entrance to the dining center or to use a Guest Pass.

  • Is it mandatory?

    No, it is not required to enroll with MorphoWave. Bronco Cards may still be used to enter a dining center, and are still required when paying with Dining Dollars or redeeming a Guest Pass if you have a meal plan.

  • Who can use it?

    Anyone (student, faculty or staff) with a valid meal plan OR with a Dining Dollars account (but no traditional meal plan) may use MorhpoWave to gain entrance into a Dining Center.

  • Can I unenroll?

     Yes, users can unenroll by requesting to be removed from the system to: ds-info@wmich.edu

  • Who do I contact with questions or for more information?

    Users can contact Rob VanDyke, Senior Systems Administrator at 269-387-4894 or ds-info@wmich.edu