Residence Hall Meal Plans

Students living in residence halls (Valleys, Western Heights and Henry) are required to have a meal plan unless their Housing contract is for a room in Britton/Hadley (Valley 1). Students choose their meal plan when they select their residence hall room in the Housing Portal. Please review the Residence Hall and Dining Services contract before purchasing.

Students living in WMU Apartments are not required to have a meal plan. 

Meal Plans include three components:

  • Meal Swipes are the foundation of your meal plan and are used to access the dining centers, grab'n go, late-night and meal exchange. These meal swipes cannot be shared with others. 
  • Dining Dollars are a debit balance that is loaded onto your Bronco Card on the first day of the semester and may be used at the campus cafes, Mi-Pi, Fuego Verde, Re-Fresh Market or the dining centers to pay for guest meals. 
  • Guest Meals may be used to bring family or friends into the dining center with you for meals.