Vegan Dining

Vegan options on countertop

Vegan symbol - blue heart with V
VEGAN Options on Campus

WMU Dining Services is committed to providing plant-based options to the campus community, in reflection of social, environmental and individual health. Look for the blue heart icon on the rotating daily menu which indicates the item does not contain animal products.

Micro-restaurants within the Dining Centers provide guests with the option to customize their plate or bowl to fit their dietary lifestyle.

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Every day, Dining Centers also provide:

  • Flavored soy milk dispensers
  • Ope's vegan burgers
  • Margarine packets

Vegan Report Card

Annually, WMU Dining Services participates in the peta2 Vegan Report Card which includes the submission of a questionnaire and results in a rating based on the vegan choices offered on a daily basis. In Oct. 2018, WMU Dining Services received a "B" from peta2.

What other specific ways do you want to see vegan options in the Dining Center? Please email or call the Nutrition Specialist, Emily Hazel, RDN, at or (269) 387-4888.