Living On-Campus and Sick?

There are temporary options available to students who are sick or unable to pick up a meal themselves from the dining center to continue to be able to use their meal plan:
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 or have another contagious illness, please wear a tight-fitting mask (like KN95 or N95) at all times in public spaces. 
  • If you are too sick or injured to get your own food from the dining center, you are encouraged to enlist help from your roommate, friends or RA who can pick up food for you by following the below process. 
During open Dining Center hours:
  1. Be sure to bring your Bronco Card, or provide your enlisted help with your Bronco Card, as a meal will be deducted in order to get a carryout meal. 
  2. Request a “carryout order form” from the cashier stand at the dining center.
  3. Make your selections from the options available on the carryout order form.
  4. A Dining Services employee will collect your items while you wait in the lobby area. Your selections are dependent on what is available at the time of your request. (No special requests are possible.)