Hand Picked

Hand Picked is a gluten and nut-free open alcove within the Student Center Dining facility on the 3rd floor. This alcove is open to any guest with gluten or wheat allergies or sensitivity and offers gluten-free alternatives, such as GF bread, GF buns, GF tortillas, GF waffle mix and GF cookies. In addition, there is a dedicated waffle iron, toaster and microwave that guests can use to heat their GF options with minimal risk of cross-contact. 

Other dietary accommodations?

The Student Center Dining, located on the third floor of the new student center, offers many customizable options from the venues for dine-in service, where students with other food allergies besides gluten/wheat can find options. Look for posted signage, or please email Emily Hazel Mitchell, Dining Services' registered dietitian nutritionist for more information about dietary accommodations.

The Valley Dining Center also offers options to serve students with dietary restrictions through My Pantry.