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Winter Gala Dance Concert
Jan. 25, 26 & Feb. 1-2  @ 8pm
Jan. 27 & Feb. 2 @ 2pm
Williams Theatre, WMU
WMU dancers perform works by guest artists, faculty, and students.  Featuring the 2018-19 Great Work Happy Little Things by Aszure Barton.



Noon Dance Showing
Friday, Mar. 22, Noon
Dalton Center, Studio B
An informal showing of student choreography, works-in-progress, and class presentations by WMU students.
BFA Junior Jury Presentations
Thur. Mar. 28, 8pm
Dalton Center, Studio B
Junior BFA candidates present solo choreography for faculty approval. FREE Admission! Seating is limited.



BFA Graduating Presentations
April 11-13
Dalton Center, Studio B
Senior BFA candidates present a concert of their choreography performed by WMU students.
BA Capstones & WDP Wrap Up
Mon. Apr. 16, 8pm
Dalton Center, Studio B
Senior BA candidates present choreographic projects. Western Dance Project says goodbye to 2018-19 and welcomes next year’s company.  FREE ADMISSION!  Seating is limited.