Graduate Placement Record

Since 2008, the Western Michigan MA program has placed nearly all students seeking a higher degree (~90%). Most of these students have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees in philosophy at top-ranked PhD programs and all of them have received full funding packages to support their studies. Other WMU graduates have pursued advanced degrees in a variety of areas including law, the humanities and social sciences, and theology. Students who have chosen not to pursue a further degree (roughly 10% of students since 2008) have found rewarding careers in education, business, or other pursuits. After completing their doctoral degree programs, our graduate students have also obtained tenure-track jobs at philosophy departments, including University at Albany, University of Utah, Virginia Polytechnic University, York University, University of Columbia and Australia Catholic University.

Placement summary

Annual data*

*Unless otherwise noted, placement is into a Ph.D. program in philosophy with full funding.

2023 Graduates
Student 1Columbia University
Student 2University of Wisconsin
Student 3University of Indiana
Student 4Boston University
2022 Graduates
Student 1Northwestern University
Student 2University of California, Santa Barbara
Student 3University of Minnesota
Student 4SUNY Binghamton
Student 5University of Georgia
2021 Graduates
Student 1Notre Dame
Student 2University of Texas, Austin
Student 3University of Virginia
Student 4University of Edinburgh Law School
2020 Graduates
Student 1University of Michigan Law School (with tuition assistance)
Student 2University of Virginia
Student 3University of Connecticut
2019 Graduates
Student 1University of Michigan
Student 2University of Texas, Austin
Student 3University of Arizona
Student 4Indiana University (HPS)
Student 5SUNY, Buffalo
Student 6SUNY, Buffalo
Student 7Declined PhD admission offer; teaching philosophy at local university
2018 Graduates
Student 1Columbia University (Interdisciplinary Humanities Program)
Student 2University of Colorado, Boulder
Student 3University of Maryland, College Park
Student 4University of Virginia
Student 5University of Michigan Law School (with tuition assistance)
Student 6Rice University
Student 7University of Utah
Student 8Western Michigan (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program)
Student 9University of Vermont (Education Program)
Student 10Instructor, WMU Philosophy department
2017 Graduates
Student 1University of Wisconsin, Madison
Student 2Northwestern University
Student 3University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Student 4University of Miami
Student 5University of Miami
Student 6University of Washington, Seattle
Student 7Baylor University
Student 8University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Student 9University of Buffalo
2016 Graduates
Student 1Stanford University
Student 2University of Oklahoma
Student 3University of South Carolina
2015 Graduates
Student 1University of Michigan
Student 2University of Wisconsin, Madison
Student 3Rice University
Student 4University of South Carolina
Student 5SUNY Binghamton
Student 6University of Georgia
Student 7M.A. in linguistics
Student 8M.A. in theology
2014 Graduates
Student 1University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Student 2University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Student 3Bowling Green University
2013 Graduates
Student 1Cornell University
Student 2University of Iowa
Student 3Rice University
Student 4University of Rochester
Student 5University of Rochester
Student 6Georgetown University
Student 7University of Rochester
2012 Graduates
Student 1Rutgers University
Student 2University of Rochester
Student 3Ohio State University
Student 4St. Louis University
2011 Graduates
Student 1University of Missouri
Student 2University of Iowa
Student 3University of British Columbia
Student 4University of Kansas
Student 5University of Cincinnati
Student 6Tulane University
Student 7Johns Hopkins University (Cellular and Molecular Medicine)
2010 Graduates
Student 1Brown University
Student 2Cambridge University (HPS)
Student 3University of California, Irvine
Student 4University of California, Irvine
Student 5Lewis & Clark (Law School)
Student 6University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Student 7Ohio State University
Student 8University of Georgia
2009 Graduates
Student 1University of Virginia
Student 2Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Student 3University of Wisconsin – Madison
Student 4Bowling Green University
Student 5University of Colorado – Boulder
Student 6University of Iowa
Student 7Not Available
2008 Graduates
Student 1University of Pittsburg (HPS)
Student 2Australian National University
Student 3University of California, Berkeley
Student 4University of Wisconsin, Madison
Student 5University of Maryland, College Park
Student 6Washington University in St. Louis
Student 7Indiana University (HPS)
Student 8Indiana University (HPS)
Student 9Ohio State University
Student 10State University of New York