Falling largely within the analytic tradition, the Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University takes seriously its dual mission of philosophical teaching and research. Offering a range of undergraduate courses and a terminal master's degree, WMU's program is recognized as one of the best master's programs in the United States and one of only a handful of programs mentioned in the Philosophical Gourmet Report.

Fall 2020

The Philosophy Department will be open during all regular business hours, 8-5 pm, M-F. We will maintain a physical presence on campus from 8 am to 3 pm on Monday, from 11 am to 5 pm on Tuesday, from 9 to 2 pm on Wednesday, from noon to 3pm on Thursday, and will operate remotely the remainder of the week On those days and times when a representative from philosophy is not physically present, a sign will be posted on all of the unit’s exterior office doors directing visitors to an alternate contact person in Comparative Religion, IIAS, or GIST.

Every effort will be made to address and answer general and miscellaneous inquiries remotely. However, in cases where in-person meetings are necessary (e.g. academic advising, office hours requested by students, physical mail distribution/package pick up) they will be carried out by appointment only, limited to no more than one visitor at a time, in 1101 Moore.

Access to the department/unit copy machine will be restricted. All requests for copies must be arranged with the chair or administrative assistant at least 24 hours in advance. Materials to be copied will be placed on the desk in the main office with a coversheet stating the number requested, or placed in the employee’s mailbox.

Department/unit mail may be collected during normal working hours so long as employees adhere to the safety guidelines and room capacities found here and in the WMU COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan. 

All employees are required to complete the Western Michigan University Daily COVID-19 Health Survey screening, found on the GoWMU portal, before campus visit. If an employee has any of the symptoms of COVID-19 or suspects they have symptoms they must notify their immediate supervisor and seek medical attention and testing.

For all University-wide decisions and updates, please continue to check wmich.edu/covid19.


  • Fritz Allhoff interviewed for article, "Unmasking the Stigma Surrounding Face Coverings".
  • Chance Lacina was awarded the WMU William Ritchie Prize for the best paper in political theory for his essay, “Against the Need for Greed.”
  • Jimmy Martin has his paper,Prolegomena to Virtue-Theoretic Studies in the Philosophy of Mathematics, accepted in the journal Synthese!
  • Daniel Kosacz was awarded a Summer Research Assistantship from the College of Arts and Science to assist Charlie Kurth with a project on emotions.
  • The Tenth Annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference will take place (virtually!) September 24-25. The organizers will post details on the conference website as they become available.

  • Charlie Kurth talks about the upside of pandemic-related anxiety in a Washington Post opinion piece.
  • Master's student placement: We’re delighted to announce that CJ Oswald will be joining the Ph.D. program at the University of Virginia; TJ Broy is headed to the Ph.D. program at the University of Connecticut (where he was awarded the prestigious Jorgensen Fellowship); and Kaleb TerBush will be going to Michigan Law School (having been awarded a 2/3rd scholarship there).
  • Fritz Allhoff talks about the ethics of online shopping during the pandemic in an interview on NPR.
  • The 14th Annual Phil Grad Conference is scheduled for Nov. 20-21, 2020. Speakers: Julia Driver (University of Texas-Austin), Lawrence Shapiro (University of Wisconsin), Min Tang (University of North Carolina).
  • Undergraduate philosophy major Levi Durham had his paper accepted at the University of Toronto's Graduate Philosophy Conference.
  • Graduate student CJ Oswald had his paper, "Being Realistic about Metaethics," accepted for the APA-Pacific.
  • Levi Durham, a WMU philosophy major, will be headed to the Ph.D. program at Baylor University in the fall.
  • Congratulations to CJ Oswald for the WMU All-University Award