Minorities and Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at Western Michigan University is proud to support Minorities and Philosophy. MAP is an organization that: (i) promotes the work of minority and underrepresented groups in philosophy; (ii) promotes work on underrepresentation in the field; and (iii) promotes work on topics that are marginalized within philosophy.

Since founding the chapter in 2017, we have hosted a number of events: outings to see "I Am Not Your Negro" and "Get Out"; a leadership lunch with Lisa Minnick, President of the AAUP at WMU; a graduate presentation--"Outside Insight: Queer Phenomenology, First-Personal Authority, and the Nature of Self-Discovery"; and a Skype talk with Talia Mae Bettcher, Professor of Philosophy at California State University, Los Angeles.

We have a busy schedule this year as well: Keagan Potts will be hosting a reading group in partnership with the Ethics Center (Black and Blue: The Origins and Consequences of Medical Racism); Ashley Atkins will be hosting a workshop on social and political philosophy, focusing particular attention on work that engages with current racial and gender justice movements (BLM, SayHerName, etc.); and we'll be hosting a leadership lunch with Kristina Wirtz, an anthropologist at WMU.

The students and faculty of the WMU Minorities in Philosophy chapter work to promote the work of minority and underrepresented groups in philosophy through a range of activities including regular reading groups, a speaker series, and an annual workshop.

For more information, contact Dr. Ashley Atkins. MAP events are also listed on Dr. Atkins's website and on our Facebook page.