Experiencing Japan

An unforgettable experience

Zojoji Temple, Tokyo.

We stayed at Zojoji Temple, Tokyo.

People walking up the stairs to the Temple.

Tokyo requires a lot of walking, but walkers are able to witness beautiful scenery.

Members of Taisho University's court club music show us unique, beautiful instruments.

Members of Taisho University's court club music show us unique, beautiful instruments.

Students gather around the Head Abbot at Mangaji Temple.

At Mangaji Temple with the Head Abbot.

A lady is pouring tea into a bowl.

A traditional tea ceremony at Taisho University.

Two students hold up a WMU T-shirt outside a temple.

Students display their Bronco pride outside a temple in Tokyo.

Small portions of food on a table.

Portions in Tokyo were small but full of flavor.


  • "As a Comparative Religion major, I found the trip to be extremely valuable as far as helping to understand Japanese Buddhism and Shinto in a very real way. Nothing could compare to the opportunity we had to spend time with the people in their spaces and around Tokyo."
  • "Despite the culture shock the seminar was quite wonderful. The people of Taisho University, Nishi-Sugamo, were amongst the most welcoming and helping individuals I've ever known. I feel that I will never be able to repay the kindness shown to me by Dr. Saito and Mr. Goto."
  • "This trip is an adventure that, thanks to the relationships Dr. Covell has established in Japan, offers the opportunity to see and do things that one would never be able to experience outside this specific trip."
  • " The food we ate was really wonderful on this trip. Everyone got to try new things and expand their taste ranges over the days we spent in Japan. My favorite were the soba noodles, made from buckwheat."
  • "My favorite things that we saw on the trip were the very old and immaculately kept temple gardens that most people, even Japanese people, don't usually get to see. I felt honored that we could have that experience."
  • "For anyone interested in Japanese culture and religion, this trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; it offers an in-depth and, often times, behind the scenes view of Japan.
  • The unexpected highlight of the trip was the company of the other students.